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File: Advanced Trade Skill Window06-22-07
Clickable recipes in the queue?
Posted By: Mad_Martian
I've got about a half dozen vital addons and this one tops my list. Great work! I don't know if Slarti looks in here for enchancement ideas, but I thought I'd post anyway. It's nice that when you have a filter in place and queue up that recipe it disappears from the recipe list (when that is appropriate due to the filter)....
File: Auditor06-22-07
High water mark?
Posted By: Mad_Martian
I really like auditorfu a lot. It appeals to my stingy nature to have so many stats about my cash flow. The one enhancement that I'd like to see is a high water mark, possibly for each time period. Just the maximum cash on hand during the period. Maybe a low water mark, too. These might qualify as "absurd details" though. :)