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File: Scrolling Combat Text04-18-09
Does this still work with 3.1? Sinc...
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Does this still work with 3.1? Since it hasn't been updated for it yet.
File: MikScrollingBattleText04-18-09
Is there a way to have it not show...
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Is there a way to have it not show over-healing and just plain the amount of heal?
File: SLDataText04-16-09
Originally posted by Gimbli Your...
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Originally posted by Gimbli Your error has nothing to do with 3.1, it's an ongoing error (noted many times in the comments already if you read back a little bit) regarding the localization files not loading correctly. Simply remove the locale files you do not need in the Locales folder (ie. zhTW, zhCN) That worked thanks!
File: SLDataText04-14-09
3.1 errors
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Site says its works for 3.1 but I'm getting errors and this is a complete fresh copy of it, deleted all my wtf and the mod file from my computer and I still get these errors. Date: 2009-04-14 23:01:51 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\SLDataText\Locale\zhCN.lua line 4: attempt to index local 'L' (a...
File: TipTac02-13-09
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Hi Can you add profiles to this? I have a settings on one character but I want it different on others. I really like this mod and don't want to hunt down a replacement for my other toons. :(
File: Satrina Buff Frames 301-26-09
Hi question on the buff sorting....
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Hi question on the buff sorting. How do I make it sort by aura/and no timers > highest timer > lowest timer. I tried the two time sorts you have but they do not show it in that order. Example. I'm a paladin so I have all my auras first then I use "Time Ascending" and the buffs go as this. Aura > 10min. buffs. This part is fi...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames09-02-07
Originally posted by themanwithouts...
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Originally posted by themanwithoutsleep In the "Focus/Party Target" tab, check the box next to "Hidden In Raids" This will hide BOTH the party targets and the focus target when in a raid. It would be nice if these were separated, as I like to hide my party frames when in a raid as well as my party's targets, but I still use the...
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames08-31-07
Hello, I love your mod its one of m...
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Hello, I love your mod its one of my favorites, however there is a problem of mine that I can't seem to figure how to fix. That option for you to hide the party when your in a raid works, but the mod still shows the party's targets. Now is there a way to get rid of the party's targets when you hide the party in a raid?
File: FuBar - MicroMenuFu06-23-07
For some reason, I can't use any of...
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For some reason, I can't use any of my spells from my spell book when I use this addon, but when I use the original menu it works fine.