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File: Aurora12-28-10
Love this modification! Is there...
Posted By: Docnsane
Love this modification! Is there a "simple" way to exclude certain frames/addons? Some addons I use get a bit messed up (no background on them), and I would just want to keep them from getting modified.
File: OhNoesQueues08-31-09
There a way we can have an option t...
Posted By: Docnsane
There a way we can have an option to disable the win % stats? I guess in the same way, someone might ask for a way to disable the token count also. Thanks! =)
File: OhNoesQueues08-28-09
What is the holiday indicator suppo...
Posted By: Docnsane
What is the holiday indicator supposed to look like? Today it's AV weekend and is listed as such, but it does not show any new "border" on the queuing buttons.
File: QBar_ButtonFacade08-28-09
Citlalin said Monday, June 22, 20...
Posted By: Docnsane
Citlalin said Monday, June 22, 2009 8:13:38 PM (2 months ago) fix for not saving profile in qbar_buttonfacade, 2 patches: QBar_ButtonFacade.toc Add ## SavedVariables: QBar to the block. QBar_ButtonFacade.lua on line 26 Replace self.db = self:RegisterNamespace("QBar", defaults) With self.db = LibStub("AceDB-3.0")...
File: QBar08-28-09
Originally posted by Bigshot Ever...
Posted By: Docnsane
Originally posted by Bigshot Ever since 3.1.1 my Qbar has been acting up. it no longer changes the most recently used quest item to have the hotkey. I'm running on a mac if that helps at all I had this issue for a while, and I finally just sat down and tried to fix it. The issue is that bliz renamed the callback a little bit...
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-27-09
Spam throttle all combat text
Posted By: Docnsane
Hi, I've been using MSBT for a very long time now. It's by far the best SCT system out there. I was wondering if there was a way to setup some type of filter to mass throttle all incoming/outgoing damage/heals based on time. Right now I can throttle it via an individual threshold or a HoT throttle time. This works well enoug...
File: PortalAlert04-13-09
Could you re-enable and make "Annou...
Posted By: Docnsane
Could you re-enable and make "Announce to Raid" a user selectable option? RE: Some people don't watch their main chat frame, don't have it enabled, or just can't see what it says due to massive spam of trade and general chat. Having it in raid warning would make it easier to see in just about all cases. Writing the announce wi...
File: BadgeBlocker04-09-09
Haven't been able to get it working...
Posted By: Docnsane
Haven't been able to get it working on the "Wintergrasp Mark of Honor." Not had a chance to test it with other badges. The command line options work so I know it's loaded though.
File: Dailies Quest Tracker04-05-09
Originally posted by Fritos I AM...
Posted By: Docnsane
Originally posted by Fritos I AM currently leveling a Horde toon, so in the future I'll be able to gather data from both factions and make future releases more well rounded and not have to rely on data sites that don't have all the data that I need. I (and I'm sure others) will gladly help you out with gathering data. Just le...
File: Gem Quota11-22-08
The new JC Dragon's Eye gems are no...
Posted By: Docnsane
The new JC Dragon's Eye gems are not supported. http://www.wowhead.com/?search=dragon's+eye#recipes They are prismatic gems that count for any color.
File: Urban Achiever10-28-08
Awesome mod. Once again I wish bli...
Posted By: Docnsane
Awesome mod. Once again I wish bliz did this to begin with. I dunno if I'm tired or just blind, but I didn't see anywhere were it said what the red ! mark ment.
File: NugMount10-27-08
Paladin Mount
Posted By: Docnsane
I'm having trouble with adding the Paladin mounts to the list. I was able to add all my other mounts, but these don't seem to work. It was implied they did work in some of the past comments so I'm not sure what is wrong. I do a /nmnt +ground (linked of course) but it doesn't get added. For reference, the spells are http://...
File: Gem Quota10-21-07
Broken gem with &
Posted By: Docnsane
I'm 99% sure that "Royal Shadow Draenite" breaks gemcount because the idiot Blizzard developer used an & instead of "and." It also bugs out on items with other gems that include &
File: TooltipExchange06-23-07
Posted By: Docnsane
Requests: I would like the ability to see the rating buster tooltip modifications from within tooltip exchange's result window. Also, I'd like the ability for browser results to utilize the filters set. For example, if you look up all the loot from Kara, but also set the filters to say "Armor -> Leather" it will only show the...