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Originally posted by alcaras A ti...
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Originally posted by alcaras A tiny suggest that would help me enormously -- provide an option to look at Auctioner's post-Match module price -- e.g. Instead of just showing the Market price, show the Market price after Match modules (such as, Undercut). Right now I look I have to mouse over to see whether I should craft a Glyph...
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Vendor Prices
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Thank you! It was a bit of a struggle understanding because I've never looked at the PT and I don't do LUA but I figured it out. .vendor is missing resilient parchment (39502) and light parchment (39354). I have entered them on my system and verified that it fixed the problem. Originally posted by lilsparky then unfortunately...
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Re: Re: Vendor Prices
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Originally posted by lilsparky if you install lib periodic table 3.1, lsw will use its vendor sellable item database. then the trick is to make sure that lib pt has the items you are concerned about. Ok. The first part was easy enough. I installed it. The second part you have me lost on. I looked through all the tables and...
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Vendor Prices
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This has been driving me nuts but I don't know how to fix it. LSW is showing that my glyphs cost more than they do because it thinks resilient parchment costs 117g. I know it's drawing it from Auctioneer because some clown is putting it on auction for that but I want the vendor price to show. I have a 3g glyph costing me 120g! Wh...
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Bank Issue
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The only thing I have tried to pull out of the bank are Mithril-Gyro Shells for my hunter. I can not put it on a shopping list because it tells me that it can't find the product in any bag, bank or vendor. Because vendors don't sell it, I can't seem to add it. This mod works perfectly for those items I want to purchase at the ve...