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File: Altoholic03-07-15
problem with item count
Posted By: Ripture
I'm not sure what happened but the item count does not seem to be working anymore for me. It won't track items in guild banks at all it seems. Kind of bizarre because I definitely remember very recently it working fine. I isolated the addon with a fresh UI and the issue persists. Am I missing something here?
File: TourGuide01-31-10
Posted By: Ripture
I'm not sure how to post bugs using whatever system that is, so I figure I'll just post it here and maybe it will be found. In the horde guide for Hellfire Peninsula (60-61), about 80% the way through the guide, it has you turn in the quest Source of the Corruption, except this quest hasn't been done yet. About 15 steps down, you'r...
File: EkInspect07-21-09
Custom Chat Channel Spam
Posted By: Ripture
I would also love another option in the announce section similar to how recount allows you to select different channels. Particularly, an option to spam to a specified chat channel or through a whisper would be fantastic. Otherwise, I love this addon.
File: TourGuide02-07-09
Also, In the Draeni (20-21) guide,...
Posted By: Ripture
Also, In the Draeni (20-21) guide, in the middle of some accepts in Auberdine, it wants you to go find a way to Menethil Harbor and accept a quest there. There are no notes given for this. It seems to me that either this is an improperly placed quest or that it should have SOME kind of notes instead of just "find a way to a place o...
File: TourGuide02-06-09
I was wondering if anyone else has...
Posted By: Ripture
I was wondering if anyone else has come across this. I've used Tourguide to level half-way characters (lvl 30+) and it's been great, but trying to start out 2, I ran into issues. The first was a NE and right around level 10-13 (about as far as I got him), the guide wanted me to accept quests that were 1, sometimes 2 levels above me...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-17-08
Re: not working for me
Posted By: Ripture
Originally posted by wendol well ive tried every previous version of xperl up to "2.4.3b (proper)" and i cant seem to get this mod to work anymore. funny thing is it was working fine last night. i have deleted my wtf folder and turned off all the addons except for what comes with xperl. all i get is a greyed out frames and the opti...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-17-08
Player frame moving.
Posted By: Ripture
Ugh, I can't find anyone else getting this to happen. For some reason, when I do a /reloadui, my player frame move down like the width of the mana bar. It just keeps moving down the more reloads that I do and it's only this frame that moves. This also happens when I try to load this setup to another character. The player frame st...
File: Ding Recorder08-02-07
Nice addon!
Posted By: Ripture
Great addon. Just one thing in your description I'd like to point out: I hate to nitpick, but WoW now defaults to saving screenshots as .jpg. No need to convert them anymore. Didn't know if you could/want to change that so people don't get confused or something for some reason.
File: ArkInventory07-11-07
Aw man. I liked it better the old...
Posted By: Ripture
Aw man. I liked it better the old way where you just went edit, rclick item, change category, done. Now we have to "code" in the categories? I'm sure it's not hard at all, but it was definitely easier the old way. What was so wrong with the way previous versions did it that it now needs rules to be coded? I for one have had to...