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File: Trinity Bars - Glossy Buttons07-04-07
Originally posted by Ashamam Cyci...
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Originally posted by Ashamam Cycircled doesn't support trinity. Its the other way around, trinity supports cycircled :P. The author reverse engineered in a method to grab the cycircled textures and make them availabe to Trinity. Good to know, thanks. I guess performance freaks can still download this so that they don't h...
File: Trinity Bars - Glossy Buttons07-03-07
Re: Trinity is Compatible with Cycircled
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Originally posted by scotte44 While I applaud your efforts I feel the need to point out that Trinity is compatible with Cycircled already. Oh, did not know that. Didn't see any mention of Trinity Bars anywhere in the compatibility list. Originally posted by Ashamam what mod is achieving the glossy look to the minimap?...