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File: Grid03-24-10
OK, this is probably a stupid quest...
Posted By: kishrieves
OK, this is probably a stupid question, but I have somehow messed up my Grid settings and am at a loss to fix it. The health bar seems oddly disproportional to the actual amount of health that a character has lost: for example, a health bar will appear completely empty when a character is at 30% life, or half empty when they are at 7...
File: Chronometer07-04-07
Persistent error message
Posted By: kishrieves
Recently I've been getting this error message with Chronometer: Interface\Addons\Chronometer\Core\Chronometer.lua:278: attempt to index field 'bars'(a nil value) I don't see any bars at all, and if I try to run a test, that's the message I get. I've made sure I have the most recent version of Chronometer, and have tried uni...