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File: Afflicted302-22-08
Posted By: Tinhay
I've figured out how to route Afficted output through ckk's Parrot: add this snippet around line 650: -- Parrot elseif( IsAddOnLoaded("Parrot") ) then Parrot:ShowMessage(text, "Notification", false, self.db.profile.r * 255, self.db.profile.g * 255, self.db.profile.b * 255) where "Notification" is the scroll area you wou...
File: Afflicted302-11-08
Feature Request
Posted By: Tinhay
I'm quite pleased with Afflicted overall, although I would like to see support for Parrot (http://www.wowace.com/wiki/Parrot - a popular Ace 2 alternative to SCT and MSBT) implemented. Thanks in advance.
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)08-05-07
I love the new version, thanks for...
Posted By: Tinhay
I love the new version, thanks for updating Itemrack. Do you have any plans on adding a Dreamlayout-style to Itemrack in the close future?