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File: NPCScan11-19-11
Yeah, unless you run an ENGLISH ver...
Posted By: Puck
Yeah, unless you run an ENGLISH version of the game.. Then you have to change one line to: DEL .\Cache\WDB\enUS\creaturecache.wdb I also prefer to run the launcher, so I just changed it to: START .\launcher.exe You can also make a shortcut on your desktop, but you have to manually find the launcher.exe or wow.exe when you...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window10-12-10
ATSW still broken for Scribes
Posted By: Puck
I quit using ATSW because of the lag / crashes from opening inscription, and it still hasn't been fixed. Guess I just have to wait for Skillet to be updated.
File: Movable Bags11-05-08
Posted By: Puck
ABOUT TIME! lol j/k. I appreciate it. I hate all the bag mods cuz they're "All In One" stupid junk that is a waste! Been waiting for this to be updated (didn't try it after 3.0 cuz I'm lazy) and glad I decided to search today!