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File: Ion Action Bars12-13-11
Hi Maul... I have been a follower f...
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Hi Maul... I have been a follower for very long time, first for me was Trinity, then Macaroon and I'm just looking forward your next one. Btw you made a comment saying that the new one is on Alpha... How does it call your new one?
File: Ion Action Bars07-15-11
Re: losing Dual Spec settings
Posted By: Rakafu
Originally posted by Redleg The problem is that macaroon will suddenly "forget" all the buttons for either the primary spec or secondary spec. It happened just now when I was disconnected from the server while in my secondary spec. When I logged back in, all of my action bars were using the ones saved with my primary spec. I wa...
File: AutoLagTolerance07-15-11
I got a doubt about the wow setting...
Posted By: Rakafu
I got a doubt about the wow settings when using this addon, it may be silly but, I gotto get it off of my mind. interface/game/combat, here we find the Custom Lag Tolerance box now, my doubt is: This box needs to be check or unchecked to make this addon to work?
File: Shadowed Unit Frames01-17-11
I may be silly here or even it's be...
Posted By: Rakafu
I may be silly here or even it's been ask before but... Is there anyway to add more bar textures? Originally posted by sangorium is there a way to tell if the mob you are attacking is someone else's Your target frame it is suppose to be gray when your are targeting a tagged mob.
File: Ion Action Bars10-15-10
Hi there guys... First of all thank...
Posted By: Rakafu
Hi there guys... First of all thanks Maul for your job. I've been an adept since Trinity bars. I see that some new Authors has join the project so thank you all too. I can't live without Macaroon and you guys are just so damn genius! I have a little issue, with a bar shape and aligning when I change spec. Whenever I log in everyth...