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Re: Re: Re: Re: REAL UI Configuration Help
Posted By: Killien Marxs
Originally posted by rabai I do /sldt and it brings up more options, but i cant figure out how to move the C S T A Q O G P D ? bar That's because it's not SLDT its nibMicroMenu ;)
File: RealUI11-07-10
Re: PvP Flag
Posted By: Killien Marxs
Originally posted by jwhicks727 One other question, is there any kind of pvp flag indicator in the UI? There will be a "P" on your unit frame. Also a "R" there for resting status.
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Originally posted by Thaoky @Kill...
Posted By: Killien Marxs
Originally posted by Thaoky @Killien Marxs: This is the issue I found in 3.0.002, you must install 3.0.002b to fix it. Make sure to read the patch notes, the problem & actions to take are explained there. Will do. Thanks!
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Error Message
Posted By: Killien Marxs
I just did a clean install today of this great addon but I'm still getting an error: Interface\AddOns\Altoholic\Altoholic.lua:553: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'level' (a string value) This error only seems to affect the Summary tab and will not show any characters on that tab. I'm currently running SUI and a few...
File: nUI09-13-08
Possible Deadly Poison counter?
Posted By: Killien Marxs
Speil I was curious if you could add a counter to the debuffs for Deadly Poison. Envenom scales based on the stacks of Deadly poison on a target and right now it's nigh impossible to tell how many stacks are up. Thanks
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Re: Elite target graphic
Posted By: Killien Marxs
First off thanks for the great UI, I just recently discovered it and so far I am enjoying it. I noticed yesterday that not all Elites are showing the graphic on the HUD. Just thought I'd point this out to you. Thanks again.