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File: Gem Quota10-26-07
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Interface\AddOns\GemCount\GemCount.lua:168: bad argument #1 to 'trim' (string expected, got nil)
File: PhanxChat10-05-07
Hi Phanx, Finally I got time to...
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Hi Phanx, Finally I got time to try the new version^^ But a bunch of error message pops up @@ I checked and found out those are related to the zhCN locale file. enUS is using AceLocale but not zhCN. I corrected it and some other errors. Every works beautiful now. I've email the file to your hotmail box. Also, I found the libs f...
File: PhanxChat09-30-07
hmmm...actually, zhCN is Simplified...
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hmmm...actually, zhCN is Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese is zhTW. ;)
File: PhanxChat09-03-07
Hi, I have completed the zhCN lo...
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Hi, I have completed the zhCN locale file, you may add it if you like =) BTW: The bug I reported is gone, thanks for the efforts! http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/6/18/1189733/PhanxChat-zhCN.zip
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)07-16-07
equip empty slot issue
Posted By: lostcup
Well, I got a problem when I tried to unequip an item. What I do is trying to select the empty slot. But the no more room in my bag messages shows up and I can unequip the item. Then I found out that I can only select the empty slot when there is free slot in my first bag, otherwise it will fail. This also happens when I tried to swi...
File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)07-15-07
localization issue
Posted By: lostcup
Hi Gello, I'm a huge fan of ItemRack from China. Very happy when I found you released this new version of ItemRack. But when I tried to translate it into chinese, it looks not localization friendly as previous versions which contain a locale file. Any plan to improve this? Thank you! And thank you again for this great addon.