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File: Altoholic02-10-12
searching for gems
Posted By: redandgray
For some reason, I cannot get Altoholic's search feature to show gems in my bank or bags. The items are visible when I browse my bags using Altoholic, but I get nothing when I search for something like "hessonite" even though I have 10 of them.
File: Outfitter10-23-08
Originally posted by mundocani Ve...
Posted By: redandgray
Originally posted by mundocani Version 4.3b10 Changes - BUGFIX/HACK: Spell hit optimization should work now (still separate from melee hit, even though they're identical) - BUGFIX/HACK: Healing optimization recognizes spell power (still separate from spell damage, even though they're now identical) I would say that spell-h...
File: Outfitter10-20-08
WotLK hit, crit and haste
Posted By: redandgray
With the latest 3.x patch, hit rating, crit rating, and haste attributes are now shared by caster and melee items. Outfitter currently offers to create outfits that maximize spell hit, spell crit, and spell haste, but these "spell" attributes no longer exist at all. If I want to create a spell crit outfit, I now have to use melee c...
File: Outfitter10-09-08
Set Focus in WotLK breaks Outfitter
Posted By: redandgray
If you select a target and then right click the portrait and choose "Set Focus", you get a warning dialog box that says: "Outfitter has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI." You are given the option to Ignore the error or disable Outfitter (which forces a reloadui).
File: Cartographer09-15-07
where to get Cartographer (not here)
Posted By: redandgray
The version of Cartographer here is old and moldy! Pay no attention to the bug reports you see. Download it here instead: Cartographer on curse.com
File: Cartographer07-17-07
wowinterface... useless
Posted By: redandgray
Originally posted by davidcollantes Cartographer is continuously updated, just not here. See http://www.wowace.com/ or http://files.wowace.com/. Well, finally somebody posted something useful here! I thought Cartographer was dead. It is a useless website that doesn't include the link to where you can ACTUALLY GET THE FILE YOU W...