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File: SLDataText04-28-09
local french class name for Guild and Friend
Posted By: dmarc38
Hi, got some nil error with Guild and Friends modules. after been looking at the error meessage found that the local class name wasn't correct and/or complete. please find the correct one elseif ( locale == "frFR" ) then classColors = { = "|cff2459ff", = "|cff2459ff"...
File: Bartender309-11-07
Can anyone tell me how to assign ke...
Posted By: dmarc38
Can anyone tell me how to assign keys to buttons on a bar? For now i have bar1 with key 1-10 assigned bar2 with Shift1-Shift10 This was already configured. Now i would like to assign Ctrl1-Ctrl10, Alt1-Alt10, CtrlF1-CtrlF10 and so on to other bars. I have been looking around but did not find the answer. Thanks
File: Grid07-31-07
Hi, would like to use it but i got...
Posted By: dmarc38
Hi, would like to use it but i got the grid middle of the screen and can not move it. I'm not talking about the icon into the FuBar. Can anyone tell me how to do that? Can the grid be placed anywhere i want? I have found it. Just go with the mouse under the frame and left clic to move it.