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File: PlateBuffs02-28-14
Tidyplates + platebuffs
Posted By: enduriel
Im using Platebuffs together with Tidyplates I started to have random loss of debuffs showing up after installing tidyplates 6.13.4 so if you experiencing the same just roll back tidyplates to 6.13.3 6.13.4 Release 5.4.2 335,513 28 January 2014 6.13.3 Release 5.4.2 133,758 24 January 2014
File: DoTimer10-17-12
Seems It only crashes when i run wo...
Posted By: enduriel
Seems It only crashes when i run wow-64.exe. It works in 32 bit client
File: DoTimer10-17-12
my wow crashes when I target someon...
Posted By: enduriel
my wow crashes when I target someone with dotimers 5.04 installed. removed my settings lua files but same issue. tried with it as the only addon but still the same.
File: Raven10-17-12
ghost timers
Posted By: enduriel
I cant find a settings for ghosttimers in raven. Is it me thats blind or isnt it included? Ghosttimers = after a CD/debuff/buff bar runs out an empty bar lingers for x amount of seconds before it dissapears. Its the only thing im missing so far in raven. Thanks for a great addon.
File: PlateBuffs08-31-11
Posted By: enduriel
Is there a way to remove the decimals from the remaining time. I mean the tenths. I want ten seconds to show 10 not 10.x thanks for an awsome addon
File: DocsNameplates04-28-11
Originally posted by Silentbob_dk...
Posted By: enduriel
Originally posted by Silentbob_dk Anyone know other addons with similar functionality? Tidyplates has debuff timers and threat but not as neatly as docs. I use Tidyplates since yesterday but I cant stand it, yet its the best alternative. Would love a docsupdate.
File: DrainSoulTimer12-21-10
save settings
Posted By: enduriel
Cant seem to save settings since cata hit, everything resets when I logout.
File: DocsNameplates09-09-10
threat not working
Posted By: enduriel
I cant get threat working at all in 4.1.... Im running 3.0 right now and everything works pretty much, but I love the new 4.1 config panel and the looks. Has anyone else had issues with threat not working? I cant get colors or icons working based on threat. Thanks for an awsome addon.
File: DocsNameplates04-07-10
Originally posted by Stratosfear...
Posted By: enduriel
Originally posted by Stratosfear is it me or there's no options under arenaplates? and is it possible to exclude a specific totem from showing? I added some totems in excluded npc names and it worked.
File: DocsNameplates04-05-10
Is there an option to move the debu...
Posted By: enduriel
Is there an option to move the debuffs back to the right side? since last update they seemed to have moved to the left side of the plate. Thanks!
File: DocsNameplates04-02-10
Posted By: enduriel
Is there any way to add hp text or % inside the nameplate? something like (10k / 25k 40%) Cant see anything in the gui but maybe its possible through lua coding. Thanks!
File: Tidy Plates: CleanPlates03-28-10
Text shadow
Posted By: enduriel
Love this addon, but I cant figure out how to set shadow on the text color in the frame that says xxx hp / xxx hp / 100%. Since the text color is white its quite hard to read without a shadow. Thanks a million.
File: Aloft03-01-10
Colors based on names
Posted By: enduriel
I was thinking about a feature to color the nameplates based on names. Id like a setting that overrides enemycolor / classcolor and sets the color Ive chosen based on the character name. Like a list where you can add player/npc names and a prefered color for that unit. Thanks for an awsome addon
File: PerfectRaid07-26-07
Praid moving
Posted By: enduriel
I love this mod but I cant use it since it refuses to be placed at the position I want...I would so love to put it about 50 pixels more to the left so that its precisely at the screen edge. Right now I cant put it there since the highlight frame for perfectraid is 3 cm to long on the left side.... Check my picture and youll see wha...