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File: Carbonite BETA VERSION02-21-13
Re: Re: Favorites???
Posted By: Kywin
Understood. What of quest watch not updating unless I /reload ui? Is this gone??? Please say it ain't so??? Assuming this is now part of notes? My quest watch is not updating unless I /reload ui It's not gone, it's just been renamed to notes.
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION02-20-13
Posted By: Kywin
Is this gone??? Please say it ain't so??? Assuming this is now part of notes? My quest watch is not updating unless I /reload ui
File: Dynamic Camera10-28-11
PLEASE update?
Posted By: Kywin
So it seems to work well...at times. The function I am most after is the mount aspect. I despise the view atop my drake. This seemed to work for a while, but then stopped.
File: LightHeaded11-18-10
Coordinates when clicking 'blue' npc names
Posted By: Kywin
Used to be, or at least I remember, that in the quest description, when you clicked on an npc's name it would give you said npc's coordinates. Now, when I click on the npc's name, it just says 'unknown etc etc...' Is this a known bug? Or just me?
File: Auctioneer06-15-09
Re: Re: About The Disenchant Searcher
Posted By: Kywin
Well, I intend to begin my experiment tonight. I will post what I find :) /fingers crossed :P Originally posted by Nechckn Kywin, As the results do vary, the Disenchant Searcher is a bit of a gamble. That said, the same gamble exists for Disenchanting overall, due to the same chance of obtaining a certain Enchanting m...
File: Auctioneer06-15-09
About The Disenchant Searcher
Posted By: Kywin
So I think this is a brilliant idea...in theory. I worry however that given the variable results from DE'ing, it's too difficult to predict profitablity. Further, the slightest error in code could result in the loss of 100's in gold. While I've used Auctioneer for years, and it's never done me wrong in way of the basic bidding/buying...
File: Grid06-03-09
Um...Focus Frames...
Posted By: Kywin
I can't see the FF while using grid? Am I doing something wrong...anybody?
File: Grid05-31-09
Focus Frames?
Posted By: Kywin
How does Grid handle focus frames? So far I can't figure out how to activate this frame?
File: LightHeaded11-13-08
Originally posted by Cladhaire Th...
Posted By: Kywin
Originally posted by Cladhaire The complaints are that it isn't working with Cartographer.. If they used TomTom, it would work just fine. I have not been able to install the beast that is called "Cartographer" to do any testing with it yet.. Ahhh I see. WHy would anyone choose cartographer...it's a memory hog right? Seems like...
File: LightHeaded11-13-08
Originally posted by Cladhaire Cl...
Posted By: Kywin
Originally posted by Cladhaire Clickable coordinates still work just fine with TomTom.. so I'm not sure what you're saying here. Are you saying that with TomTom and LightHeaded is not working, because it's working fine for me. Seemed that was the point of alot of the complaints...also seems I may have misunderstood :)
File: LightHeaded11-13-08
Okay, so while the clickable way po...
Posted By: Kywin
Okay, so while the clickable way points were a nifty feature...they are not essential. the /way slash command provided in tomtom is perfectly simple and barely any slower than clicking the way points. Further, by using the slash command, you can add descriptions to the way points so that's it's easier to plot out your zone runs.
File: LightHeaded11-06-08
This works to a point, as I tried i...
Posted By: Kywin
This works to a point, as I tried it...but when you have several addons mucking things up, it's hard to tell where to split...at any rate, the logic persists. I just wish there were some OTHER mod that could detect such collision/interference. Originally posted by Cladhaire There is a better way! Rather than doing it one at a t...
File: LightHeaded11-05-08
Keep in mind...yesterday's patch ma...
Posted By: Kywin
Keep in mind...yesterday's patch may well have broken a seemingly completely unrelated addon. As I discovered and posted about earlier...sometimes the oddest connection between any two or more addons can result in just about anything going haywire. There's really only one way to narrow it down. Enable tomtom/LH...and one by one enabl...
File: LightHeaded11-02-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:
Posted By: Kywin
So I'm reply to this post, though the real trigger was the fact that some of you have been damned inconsiderate in your demands to a resolution to your problems. Some of you obviously can't grasp the fact that authors of these mods put alot of hardwork into them, and they don't HAVE to share them with us. I swear, I will never get ov...
File: Advance Broadcaster10-25-08
dead and gone?
Posted By: Kywin
No support or updates? Fan or otherwise? Any recommended alternatives? :banana:
File: Loot Filter10-21-08
Posted By: Kywin
Is this gone forever?!?! How I loved this mod!!! Is there a working alternative...garbageFu doesn't even work...
File: LightHeaded10-19-08
Two Lingering issues...
Posted By: Kywin
First, whenever I pull up a quest...and I attempt to read the quest discription...Lightheaded keeps flipping back to page one. When in single page mode, it scrolls back to the top...suggestions? Second, I know that tomtom has the /way command...and maybe I am being lazy about this, but it is much faster to just be able to click on...
File: HealBot Continued10-17-08
New To Heal Bot...
Posted By: Kywin
I am sure this will turn out to be a stupid question...but how exactly does one add a spell to a mouse button under the "spells" tab? I tried typing in the spell name...to no avail?
File: MeltFace11-30-07
Pretty certain this mod is no longe...
Posted By: Kywin
Pretty certain this mod is no longer supported...sorry guys.
File: uQuench11-27-07
Posted By: Kywin
I applaud the innovation of the design. Though it lacks the practicality that I look for in an overall UI design, it's this kind of aggressive experimenting that will yield other more incredible advances in UI's. Job well done...if I wasn't such a detail freak in terms of wanting what I want...where and how I want it...I think this m...
File: CattleProd11-18-07
I f'n LOVE IT! Now...can you do som...
Posted By: Kywin
I f'n LOVE IT! Now...can you do something about the farmers? Please?! :mad:
File: HealBot Continued11-18-07
Though it took me a while to get th...
Posted By: Kywin
Though it took me a while to get the hang of it, I now FREAKIN LOVE this mod. Makes me WANT to be a priest...who would have thought? Thanks for all the hard work!
File: Periscope11-18-07
Posted By: Kywin
I love these kinds of mods!
File: Geist11-18-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: Binding
Posted By: Kywin
Originally posted by Cidrei That's close. What you want is: bind SHIFT-R CLICK GeistAnchor:LeftButton That should work. PERFECT thanks so much!
File: TomTom11-16-07
Didn't there used to be a big red a...
Posted By: Kywin
Didn't there used to be a big red arrow on screen directing you to your next way point...with distance and coord options? I SO miss that...though I love the minimap feature as well...