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File: Mono UI09-21-13
Hey Monolit! Excellent UI, been usi...
Posted By: Kiralyn
Hey Monolit! Excellent UI, been using it for over a year now. :) I have a small request if it's possible: adding an indicator for PvP flag to the unitframes like next to the Zzz for resting (unless it is already there and I'm just blind and if it is then woops sorry). Thanks for considering! :banana:
File: questFlux05-16-09
Posted By: Kiralyn
I'm super excited about this mod! :D I can't wait for more guides to come out, maybe I'll even contribute if I have some time! :banana:
File: NinjaPanel12-16-08
Posted By: Kiralyn
I love this! Excellent work, Cladhaire, this is now my favorite LDB display. Haven't experienced any problems yet and the few minor feature requests I would have you're already planning on adding. Thank you for creating it! :D
File: Call To Arms (monitor LFG channel)12-08-08
I like the idea of a "CTA Light", a...
Posted By: Kiralyn
I like the idea of a "CTA Light", as I enjoy monitoring the most as well. :D Love the mod!
File: Medley10-16-08
Originally posted by oddtoddy Thi...
Posted By: Kiralyn
Originally posted by oddtoddy This is cool. Thank you! Glad you like it! :D
File: TradeJunkie10-05-08
I'm definitely still interested in...
Posted By: Kiralyn
I'm definitely still interested in it. :) Especially because the idea mentioned farther down the page about adding locations of the recipe vendors! :D
File: Medley10-04-08
Originally posted by Selite Well,...
Posted By: Kiralyn
Originally posted by Selite Well, once 3.0.2 hits, having the on achievement gained (ACHIEVEMENT_EARNED) event as a trigger would save me 5 mins of coding a small addon to do it myself, so that can be a suggestion. That's a good one! Thanks :)
File: Medley10-04-08
Send me suggestions!
Posted By: Kiralyn
Just FYI, I'm planning on adding many more sounds/events to this mod. :D If you have a suggestion, please let me know! Remember every sound event can be disabled and changed so you can customize it to your own preference!
File: Simple Buff Bars07-27-08
Thank you!
Posted By: Roshata
Thank you, Shadowd! :D I've been waiting for something like this. I love the look of EBB and it's surprising how few buffbar mods are out there. Will definitely be giving this a try. :D Woot!!!