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File: Sorren's Timers02-03-08
Sorren's Timers was working fine fo...
Posted By: Chauie
Sorren's Timers was working fine for me until today. For some strange reason, whenever I use an ability such as Rapid Fire that would usually show up as a bar on the timer, I now get the error: Interface/AddOns/SorrensTimers/SorrensTimers.lua:690: attempt to index local ' group ' (a nil value) With the 690 changing numbers de...
File: MikScrollingBattleText02-03-08
I actually don't have the Skill Ico...
Posted By: Chauie
I actually don't have the Skill Icons Mod enabled because I felt that it would sort of lag my computer. Would I have to go re-enable that mod and recheck that option? Edit: I just re-downloaded the Icon mod and unchecked the exclusive thinger option. Got rid of the mod again and it works fine!
File: MikScrollingBattleText02-02-08
Pet Skill Names
Posted By: Chauie
I can't figure out how to show the name of the ability my pet uses when he does damage. All that MSBT shows atm is Pet 143! etc. It just shows the amount of damage, but not the skill name. I went to the outgoing pet tab and it even shows that the code that it's supposed to show is %s and %a for skill name and amount of damage.
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-04-07
Hey guys, great mod. I just have a...
Posted By: Chauie
Hey guys, great mod. I just have a few questions. I'm a hunter, for some reason I cannot get this mod to show the damage that my pet's scorpid poison is doing. It is a DoT ability, so maybe pet DoT spell abilities haven't been put in yet. Last question, how do you make it so whenever my Multi Shots hit multiple people, the mod...