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File: Outfitter05-19-08
Re: Re: Not working
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Originally posted by mundocani Is "Disable Automatic Changes" checked in either the minimap menu or the Outfitter settings tab? There is no such checkbox in Outfitter. Only things in the "Settings" option are: "Don't Equip in BGs" "Don't Equip in Dungeons" "Don't equip while PvP Flagged." "Unequip when beginning a Spellca...
File: Outfitter05-18-08
Not working
Posted By: Jewbat
Not sure what's going on, but even when the AddOn is defaulted to normal settings, the scripts do not work. I left Riding, as is, and when I mount up it does not equip the riding crop as it should. It just leaves on whatever I have equipped.
File: CowTip 3.005-17-08
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http://img337.imageshack.us/img337/4954/cursorissuecu3.jpg How do you make THIS tooltip appear in a different place? Right now, the top left hand corner is being blocked by the cursor (Does not show in Screenshot) and I can't read the first few words. I was wondering if I could change this somehow?
File: PitBull 3.005-16-08
How do you make it so that when you...
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How do you make it so that when you're targetting someone, it will show if they are 'tagged' by someone or yourself? Like it does in Vanilla WoW UI
File: QBar05-15-08
/qb toggle
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Not sure if this is because of the brand spanking new patch that just came out, but /qb toggle does not work. Attempted to use it inside of a macro first, but it doesn't work through typing it out either...