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File: CasterWeaponSwapper12-22-07
Thanks :D
Posted By: Aredia
I finally got another weapon so that I could actually use CasterWeaponSwapper, and I have to say, its awsomeness. After much explaining to guildies (and trying to get them to use CWS and Spellsurge) I decided to write a comprehensive guide on Spellsurge in endgame PVE. A good half of it is about your addon, and how to configure an...
File: CasterWeaponSwapper08-11-07
Posted By: Aredia
I've read the below posts and gotten the Spellsurge swapping to work by moving the sliders to 100% and 0% (I'm using this mod for Spellsurge functionality only.) However, the weapon is not switching properly even though the swap message is printed. I am guessing (since I had problems adding it to the mod) that this is because I have...