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File: Tungsten: Carbide03-20-08
Originally posted by DSanai I am...
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Originally posted by DSanai I am greatly looking forward to a Trinity 2.0 compliant version. I have two minimap buttons at the moment and I can't tell them apart. ;) I second this :D can't wait. Keep it up Maul.
File: SLClean03-08-08
Originally posted by Rigorous aut...
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Originally posted by Rigorous automated un-sportsman-like, adolescent conduct? how incredibly sad. /agree Could we also get a name change on this mod... I realize that it is a "coined phrase", but for the purposes of this site and community, it is unnecessary and inappropriate.
File: MetaHud03-03-08
Originally posted by Movarrin Is...
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Originally posted by Movarrin Is there a way to turn off the spell text that appears next to the Metahud Fubar Icon? right click the icon and uncheck 'show text'
File: MetaHud02-27-08
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I love this itteration and use it strictly for the health/mana bars during combat with everything else hidden. The only issue I have had is that when I uncheck the option to show the group leader icon, it does not go away. I have not been able to get it to work with any option combination that I've tried. Can anyone else confirm t...
File: Trav's Unit Frame Extensions02-27-08
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Great work! Keep it up.
File: TipTac02-02-08
That is still a big mystery to me h...
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That is still a big mystery to me how those HUD addons can modify the options of TipTac. I've yet to find a version of a HUD addon that does this, so I cannot test it. About the options being opaque, that I did intensionally, I thought the new appearance was better looking for the options dialog, you don't think so? I understa...
File: TipTac02-01-08
No options are grayed out by design...
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No options are grayed out by design. But this is odd, but not the first time I see something like that. You wouldn't happen to use MetaHUD or something like that? Actually, I had dhud installed. (a version that was about a year old.) After reading your response I disabled dhud and TipTac worked perfectly. Re-enabling it caused t...
File: TipTac02-01-08
I'm new to TipTac and think it's re...
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I'm new to TipTac and think it's really good, but upon dloading the latest version I disovered that the option window looks like this: http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/6212/58248393nv6.th.jpg All of the menu options on the left show the same thing. I deleted it and dloaded the previous version (08.01.25) and it displays pr...
File: Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper10-01-07
the other day, I was looking to get...
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the other day, I was looking to get Prowl 1 for my cat and tamed a Hulking Mountain Lion since the tooltip said that it had the ability. Unfortunately, it does not have prowl or any other ability. Thought I'd let you know. Thanks for all your work!