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File: GoGoMount12-26-10
Originally posted by Jynks love t...
Posted By: Moroboshi
Originally posted by Jynks love this mod... but a few thing you prob know about but... In the new underwater zones as a durid, it will do seal form instead of sea horse It will still load non epic mounts (had to exclude all non epics) IMHO this is better, seal form is buffed by sea legs and as quickly as a sea horse and you c...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-10-09
Raid target
Posted By: Moroboshi
You will add raid target in future ? I like your addon (simple configuration and stilish), but I like to have raid target too.
File: GoGoMount08-06-09
Battleground not flyable
Posted By: Moroboshi
With patch 3.2 Wintergrasp is flyable if your own faction control it. But gogomount (version 3.2.2) try however to use ground mount instead of flying mount or flying form (I'm a druid)
File: SquawkAndAwe08-05-09
Re: Owlkin Frenzy
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Originally posted by Collossuss hey there and thank you for suck a nice add-on. I recently speced Owlkin Frenzy and i was thinking that with the changes to come in patch 3.2 may of my feathered friends will do the same (trust me 2 points in there and the thing procs like omen does :)). Better do no take damage, if it proc means...
File: TourGuide - Alliance Midsummer Fire Festival Guide06-25-09
Kargath -> Lochmodan
Posted By: Moroboshi
From kargath (horde city) you say to fly to Loch Modan... I don't think the horde fly master will give you a passage :)
File: Perfect Hit06-12-09
Can you give me the language of you...
Posted By: Moroboshi
Can you give me the language of your wow client ? I tested it with a french client but normally it should work for all language. Also I'm interested if you can make a try with the "misery" debuf. My WOW client is in english. Im sorry but I cannot check the misery debuff (no shadow priest in party)
File: Perfect Hit06-07-09
I'm trying the last version (0.3) b...
Posted By: Moroboshi
I'm trying the last version (0.3) but apparentely don't register the effect of my Improved Faerie Fire. The % to hit dont change after I apply IFF.
File: zBrokerDurability05-27-09
Sorry to bother you Please set a...
Posted By: Moroboshi
Sorry to bother you Please set an explicit type = "data source" in the creation of the ldb data object. I use docking station to see my broker addon and it stopped working with addon which dont explicit set their type. See the thread on http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info11831-DockingStationDisplay.html#comments