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File: KayrChat - Language Deobfuscation and Multiline Messages09-28-12
Segment breaks?
Posted By: Scharr
Loving the functionality for bypassing the 255 character limit. I am not at all proficient in coding, so I have to ask if this is even a possibility. From an RP standpoint, my friends and I often post segments that are more than one paragraph in length. Normally, we end one 255 character segment with something like a >, and star...
File: TB Silent Ignore05-28-09
Originally posted by Valana Hi Sc...
Posted By: Scharr
Originally posted by Valana Hi Scharr, I'm wondering if maybe there is a problem with your TB Core download. Could you try deleting TB Core and TB Chat Enhancements from your addons folder and redownloading TB Silent Ignore? (TB Core and TB Chat are included in the download) Also, are you running this on an English client?...
File: TB Silent Ignore05-27-09
I make no claims to actually be abl...
Posted By: Scharr
I make no claims to actually be able to understand how addons are made, or how they even work. As simple as this one may be, though.. I simply can't get it to do anything. I didn't realize at first(most likely because I am a touch dense), that I would need Ace3 in my addons folder. Once I finally figured out where to get that fr...
File: TotemManager05-15-09
Odd issue with TM right now. Enh...
Posted By: Scharr
Odd issue with TM right now. Enhancement shaman, so I have Maelstrom Weapon. I do get a warning when I have 5 stacks that it is ready to use, however I ALSO get this warning whenever a mob places a bleed type debuff on me. Any suggestions?
File: CoolLevelUp11-30-08
Originally posted by khangg bad a...
Posted By: Scharr
Originally posted by khangg bad argument #2 to 'strsplit' (string expected, got nil) I get that error all the time I'm at a trainer :( I have just recently started getting this error as well, when visiting a trainer. Also, I no longer get the Abilities window to pop up when I level.
File: Livestock10-16-08
Flying mount not recognized
Posted By: Scharr
Just got this mod running, and it works fine for my land mounts and critters. However, I can't get anything to show up under the button for flying mounts. I only have one, and it's non-epic. My Snowy Gryphon. I can still use it via the pets tab on the character menu, but Livestock doesn't seem to agree that I actually have one...
File: TotemMenu Redux01-08-08
Resizing issues
Posted By: Scharr
I just downloaded and installed the mod, and toyed around with the resizing tab. Now, I can't get the window back to a smaller size. Even /totem reset leave the window about twice as tall as the four rows of icons would need it to be, and nothing on the shift-click resize style is letting me shrink it, either. Any suggestions?