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File: ArkInventory10-16-08
/Cry Over Broken Arkinventory
Posted By: Tigerboi30
First of all, I love this addon and been using it since I found it. But there is a slight problem where no matter what I do it will not work at all. Please Please fix this asap to work with the newest patch....... I can not live without seeing my bags all in one screen or I will go nutz for sure or stop playing till everything is...
File: Armory10-13-08
Posted By: Tigerboi30
This addon is great, but the only problem I have with it is that I can not use Lightheaded with it. Every time I instal the addon I can not flip through the pages on lightheaded to read about the quests I am working on. The only way that I can fix it is to uninstall armory completely. Can this be fixed please? Thanks C.W.