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File: FuBar - TrainerFu10-20-07
Re: mini bottom
Posted By: Waylo
Originally posted by Puruco Hi all: Please can someone tell me how I can get bak the mini bottom. I clik and do something wrong. I can not get the bottom back. Thanks... Fubar 2.0 - Right click to open the window (top or bottom bar) - Click the drop down on "All Categories" - Check the TrainerFu ==========================...
File: XBar10-17-07
Posted By: Waylo
On the Totem Bar, I noticed there's an empty black box. I thought that would be the fire totem slot, but when I got my first fire totem, it moved to the side. So what is the extra black box for?
File: Faction Grinder 210-12-07
Addon request
Posted By: Waylo
First off, good mod. Can you add Gnomeregan to the list, please? < Recommended for Dwarves who want the mechanostrider mount > < Several quests pertaining with Gnomeregan Exiles. Too many to list. > Agent Quartermaster who collects these is in Ironforge in Tinkertown Silk Cloth at 20. Repeatable only once. Requires 60 Silk....
File: Auditor10-06-07
Any chance for a portfolio design i...
Posted By: Waylo
Any chance for a portfolio design in the near future? Pie charts for percentages, your cash flow lines going up and down like a stock market, etc?
File: Guild Greet09-24-07
bugs (may be continued from 2.0.3)
Posted By: Waylo
Player X just logged in however I haven't seen him since I installed the mod, I clicked it and I ended up saying Welcome Back. Player Y just logged in and I said Hello. Now Player Z just logged in and it treated it as if he was already logged in before but he didn't. Did I mess something up in the default settings or is it a...
File: Guild Quests09-22-07
Level cap?
Posted By: Waylo
I just tried it with my guild and they couldn't see my quest. They were 70 and I just shared it. They couldn't see my quest however they could see a 70-70 with their own quest at their level range. Is there a cap like if it's grey you can't see they have it?
File: King Of The Jungle09-15-07
Blocked Foods
Posted By: Waylo
Some foods may not have been added to the Outlands database. The other method you can try is * /kotj menu * uncheck "lock food list" in FOODS * unred all the foods in DIETS Note that this unlocks all uncooked and special foods. "well fed" foods. Note to all: Don't use Venantes. You'll get texture error messages everytime...
File: Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper09-09-07
Notes for UI Central
Posted By: Waylo
You may want to update your notes on the UI Central. It's been out of date since 2.0.3