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File: Possessions12-22-07
Posted By: SamusJC
Hello, I'm very grateful for this addon. Very useful to keep trap of the items I have. Hoping there's a way to track gems that were socketed onto items, I would like to request this type to be integrated with 'wearing,' 'inventory,' etc. I would like a way to tell the special unique-equipped heroic gems are already on my charact...
File: SpellBinder08-20-07
Blizzard's Special Action Buttons (bindings) and the like.
Posted By: SamusJC
Hello, Hoping that I can be understood clearly, please let me describe my situation: On my paladin, auras are control by the Blizzard binding set of 'Special Action Button #' (where # is a number from 1 through 10). On my hunter, pet skills are controlled by the Blizzard binding set of 'Secondary Action Button #.' (just an exam...