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File: Skillet12-23-10
Annoying glitch...
Posted By: Vandermint
When you set the grouping to "Blizzard" and the sorting to "By Difficulty", the list constantly shifts from ascending to descending order and back. This occurs without so much as a mouse movement from me, so I know there is no input. The flipping is also not rhythmic, it does it constantly with varying lengths of time between each sw...
File: NeonChat07-30-10
My Vote
Posted By: Vandermint
I'm going to have to put in my vote to allow an option to not use the background coloring as well. I liked it better when only the borders were colored. Gave a real sleek look to my UI. Though with the background colored, it kinda looks off. You said give it a week, I waited longer. So here's hoping you "want to do something a...
File: TipTac12-04-07
Feature request
Posted By: Vandermint
Would it be possible to make the options for Show Mana and Show Rage/Energy/Focus bars separate for friendly and hostile players? For example, I want to be able to see rage/energy/focus on my raid members, but not on mobs. But I want to be able to see mana bars on both.
File: MetaHud12-02-07
Cast bar blinking
Posted By: Vandermint
There has always been an issue with this mod ever since I first started using it back when Metahawk revamped the original idea from that guy who's name started with a D and I can no longer remember. Don't we love run on sentences. Anyway, this happens especially during raids or any kind of group fight. If I cast a timed spell (l...
File: Skrom's Totem Timers08-27-07
Originally posted by skrom I did...
Posted By: Vandermint
Originally posted by skrom I did some leveling on my baby shammy last night. The disappearing timers when the totems die works okay about 95% of the time it seems. Every once in awhile I was getting an error though and it seems to happen when a chat log event is NOT triggered for the damage to the totem. (i.e. the damage happens, t...