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File: IceHUD05-03-09
Parnic, thanks for the mod. Been u...
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Parnic, thanks for the mod. Been using it since TBC days and it's now one of those addons I don't think I can play the game without. One thing has always eluded me though, and it's probably a setting staring me right in the face: How can I change the background color and/or opacity of the Target Info Frame?
File: Outfitter05-01-09
Originally posted by mundocani It...
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Originally posted by mundocani It's ItemRack that does it on hover, Outfitter has always done it on click. I experimented with adding hover support but I found it very annoying to have those things flying out while I'm just examining my gear so I backed it out. I'll try looking at ItemRack and see if there's something I just didn...
File: IceHUD04-18-09
PvP Icon not updating
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I have an issue where if I target a unit (player or npc) this is pvp flagged, the flag still shows up for the next unit I target as well even if it isn't pvp flagged. If I then target a third mob, the icon will go away. Not a huge deal, but it has been happening for me since 3.0. I haven't yet tried today's update though.
File: TomTom04-15-09
Thanks Cladhaire. I was pretty ama...
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Thanks Cladhaire. I was pretty amazed how much Astrolabe actually touches. Had quite a few addons giving me a similar error, all involving Astrolabe.
File: LightHeaded03-24-09
Originally posted by ChaosInc I h...
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Originally posted by ChaosInc I have a feeling this mod is going to get real popular again, and real quick.... I assume you are referring to the author of QuestHelper calling it quits. Meh. LightHeaded has always been popular among folks who like a mod that just "works right out of the box" and doesn't interfere with other mods.
File: QuestHelper03-24-09
Originally posted by biggoofyus I...
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Originally posted by biggoofyus In fact, this is the only addon that I use where the author has decided to give up, very sad to see. The author of Outfitter gave up as well. In fact, before he quit he uploaded a dummy copy of the addon so if you used the updater to download it, you got a non-functional copy. Fortunately the u...
File: ArkInventory02-20-09
Nice fix to the search window. I w...
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Nice fix to the search window. I was baffled as to what was causing that. It never dawned on me that it was after patch day that it happened.
File: Broker: GotMail02-16-09
Originally posted by Wizardling T...
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Originally posted by Wizardling There is no visual cue when new mail is available? Not much point in me trying this one, then. Not if it can't replace the minimap button. I think he was asking if he could use an icon other than the default (which is a little envelope).
File: Gun Silencer/Suppressor01-31-09
Originally posted by Monsune Wow...
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Originally posted by Monsune Wow this really isn't working for me!! i have a mac and i tried out what you said but it's still not doing anything :mad: Hmm.. It's working for me. I just extracted the zip to my WoW directory so the sound files themselves are in /Applications/World of Warcraft/Sound/Item/Weapons/Gun/
File: Gun Silencer/Suppressor01-17-09
Re: Re: Not working on my Mac
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Originally posted by Talizman I'm sorry to hear it's not working. = On a Mac you simply unzip and put the folder in the main WoW folder, being /Applications/World of Warcraft/ It works fine for me (I'm still on 10.4 though). And I have to say, this is one of the more pleasing addons I've ever tried. I used to play a hunter w...
File: SellFish12-19-08
Re: Version 2.1.5
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Originally posted by WitchKing Seems to be a problem with the ZIP file for the latest version (2.1.5). I get an error on both the version uploaded here and the one uploaded on Curse when I attempt to extract the file. I don't have any problems at all with version 2.1.4 extraction. Ditto. Was getting an I/O error when tryin...
File: SFSkins 1.012-07-08
Keep it as it. There is no reason...
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Keep it as it. There is no reason to get away from the core concept. We have plenty of bar mods already. Keep to the UNIX philosophy of doing one thing and doing it well.
File: IceHUD11-26-08
Originally posted by Parnic /iceh...
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Originally posted by Parnic /icehud => Colors => GlobalCoolDown Set that to whatever color you like. Ahh.. very nice. I was looking in the GCD module for it. Thanks!
File: IceHUD11-26-08
Thanks for adding the pvp indicator...
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Thanks for adding the pvp indicator to the health bar. It was a bit hard to see sometimes on the target info frame. Any chance of being able to change the color on the GCD bar? I have it at max alpha right now and showing background, but in a dark instance (is there a light instance?) it gets hard to see. Playing a prot warrior,...
File: ArkInventory11-25-08
Thank you so much for the search-in...
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Thank you so much for the search-in-bag feature. ArkInventory is now the one and only inventory mod I need. Keep up the excellent work!
File: IceHUD11-24-08
Thank you for adding profiles. I h...
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Thank you for adding profiles. I have 2 completely different informational needs between playing my prot warrior and my resto shaman. Even though I've used IceHUD for quite some time, it was still a drag having to change it between characters.
File: Classtimer11-09-08
Originally posted by Deadlycuts i...
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Originally posted by Deadlycuts i've noticed that: 1) when u playing by rogue and perform "Sap" then another Sap on another target - first sap timer continues displaying. 2) when you sap target then perform Gouge on enother target sap timer dissapears. i hope that this would be fixed. thanx =) This addon doesn't seem to...
File: Outfitter11-09-08
Thank you for the LDB support. I'l...
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Thank you for the LDB support. I'll be testing this out shortly :)
File: ArkInventory11-03-08
Re: Re: Search Bags?
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Originally posted by arkayenro i've started working on it just not sure if it will work or not, most of it is there, just hidden until i can get it to work. Awesome. That's about the only feature I've found in any other bag mod that I thought was a winner.
File: ArkInventory11-02-08
Search Bags?
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I've been using this addon forever it seems like and always loved it and turned many folks on to it. However, I recently tried out Bagnon and fell in love with one simple feature. Being able to type in search criteria and have matching items get highlighted in the my open bag display. I can't tell you how often I sit and stare at...
File: RicoMiniMap11-01-08
Originally posted by Jansyu I fou...
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Originally posted by Jansyu I found this map mod a couple of days ago. I think it's great. I notice that you are talking about a "blackout" ... is this the same issue that I'm having ... contents of the mini map disappears, and goes "black" ? If so, I know how to get it to happen ... simply go to Window mode (command + M ... I'...
File: Haggler10-20-08
Feature Request
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Back before 3.0 I was using GarbageFu and AutoprofitX. Seems like they had a blacklist/whitelist feature in them. I know the Junkie mod has a whitelist feature of "always sell this item even though it isn't grey" that is now usable in Haggler as well. I was wondering if a blacklist feature could be implemented as well, like "don't...
File: Junkie10-17-08
Excellent. I've been searching for...
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Excellent. I've been searching for a GarbageFu replacement for LDB (and for 3.0.2). Thanks for making this.
File: FuBar 3.6.509-29-07
Originally posted by Curney Rock...
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Originally posted by Curney Rock isn't an addon, it's a framework. The only reason you are seeing it right now is because you are using WowAceUpdater or downloading it directly from files.wowace.com which are all beta versions of addons, not releases. If you can't handle beta testing, then stop beta testing. The way an addon is...
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar09-08-07
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Well, I see I'm not the only one who thinks this looks absolutely amazing but can't figure out how to configure it. To be quite honest, the menus are a bit obtuse. I'd like to be able to move the bars around, but I just can't seem to get it do what I want. Too bad, because this would replace 2 or 3 other mods I'm using.