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File: AuldLangSyne03-11-07
Prevent auto adding alts as friends
Posted By: Cat
How do I prevent this mod from auto adding alts as friends?
File: GoGoMount03-05-07
Re: Re: Carrot
Posted By: Cat
Originally posted by takfiri No. It just gets you on mounts and off mounts. Can u implement an optional feature/addon for this mod? I used to be using MountMe but it is no longer working. Will be nice to have the carrot equip and mount speed feature shown on Fubar if you have it installed like in MountMe.
File: GoGoMount03-04-07
Posted By: Cat
Can this auto equip carrot when mounted and unequip carrot and revert to the previous trinklet when dismounted?
File: Junk!01-24-07
Does it sells quest's greys? Like D...
Posted By: Cat
Does it sells quest's greys? Like Darkmoon Faire stuff?
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu07-24-06
Posted By: Cat
Will be cool to have the option of tcgTradeskills integrated as well.
File: Cirk's Chatmanager06-27-06
Able to put keybindings for startin...
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Able to put keybindings for starting messages for respective channels? For e.g. private channel 1 = shift enter, private channel 2 = ctr enter, raid chat = alt enter MyChannel addon is able to bind the keu but only for one private channel so that is the downside of it. Am still using it because of the keybinding feature for sta...
File: TTCraftAddict06-27-06
What is the difference between...
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What is the difference between Advanced Trade Skill Window http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=2092
File: SimpleCombatLog06-22-06
Is this extra window ? i.e excludin...
Posted By: Cat
Is this extra window ? i.e excluding the max limit of default windows which is 7.