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File: RealUI10-03-12
I keep hearing this "fatalitiy" sou...
Posted By: pzykho
I keep hearing this "fatalitiy" sound happening. You guys hearing that? Or is it some other addon I have added with this complication. Type "/bugsack" in chat and change the Sound from "BugSack: Fatality" to "None".
File: RealUI09-15-12
The only issue I've had with realui...
Posted By: pzykho
The only issue I've had with realui since the 5.0.4 changes that prevents me from doing what I need to do in a raid is that for some reason I can't open a master loot panel. I right click the gear, and there's a couple of options but I'm not actually able to dispense gear to my raid members. Anyone else have this issue? yes :/ sam...
File: RealUI09-12-12
aura watch
Posted By: pzykho
hi... actually i dont know where to post this, because i only had this addon within this compilation. i liked "aura watch" on my rogue where it displays the missing poisons on my weapons.. now i'm playing a warrior and want the same thing for my shouts... i've added a new group to the warrior's auras and added battle+commanding s...