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File: EavesDrop11-16-06
I'm using TBC version, havnt tried...
Posted By: lilkev
I'm using TBC version, havnt tried it out on the live servers yet, but one thing thats been mentioned and i'd personally love to see is the ability to hide that little popup tab when i mouseover the combat area. It'd also be nice if i could hide/show the Player & Target headers at the top of the columns. EDIT: Just saw somones scr...
File: ag_UnitFrames11-02-06
yeh, the debuffs covering the combo...
Posted By: lilkev
yeh, the debuffs covering the combo points atm. They need to be shifted up just a touch A little formatting suggestion; would be nice if i could hide the group names/numbers when in a raid. I like having the borders around my unit frames, and the raid headings kindda get screwed cause the border graphics are too big for the text....
File: ag_UnitFrames11-01-06
oh sweet, finally a working version...
Posted By: lilkev
oh sweet, finally a working version of party castbars /w focus target frames. The only other unitframe atm that does it is nurfed, but i'd hardly call it "working" >.< Just made the switch to agUF on the live servers, my new favorite toy =)
File: ag_UnitFrames10-31-06
sweet, thanks, just confirming that...
Posted By: lilkev
sweet, thanks, just confirming that the latest revision works for my dr00d On a side note, is the new mEnemyCast with party casts almost there? =)
File: ag_UnitFrames10-29-06
Bugged Versions
Posted By: lilkev
I'm using agUF Revision 15366 Ace2 Revision 15441 WoW 2.0.0 (6046) Hope that helps
File: ag_UnitFrames10-28-06
druid bug
Posted By: lilkev
yeh, still having the combo point problem. I took a screeni in case it was being overlapped or somthing, cause i dont know what they're supposed to look like. I've never used this mod on the live servers be4, i'm a AGUF virgin. I even took the liberty of deleting my WTF and Interface folders be4 reinstalling the latest version of...
File: ag_UnitFrames10-28-06
I've got a problem where i cant see...
Posted By: lilkev
I've got a problem where i cant see any combo points for my druid. Another minor annoyance is the frame strata; is there a way i can set the strata higher for the unit frames? ATM the error text in the middle of my screen is overlapping the frames and is really quite annoying lol >.< I'm using the latest SVN version atm. ED...