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File: TradeSkillDW08-04-11
Are there any plans to have better...
Posted By: Digex
Are there any plans to have better integration between TradeSkillDW and LilSparky's Workshop? Right now you can only see the LSW info for the first 5 or 6 items in the TSDW window.
File: CCMark02-13-11
Additional CC
Posted By: Digex
I never see Hex as a CC option when we have a shaman in the group.
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills11-17-10
Just wanted to post that the last t...
Posted By: Digex
Just wanted to post that the last two versions are showing some graphics distortion possibily related to Skinner.
File: OnScreenHealth10-23-08
Combo Points are still not working...
Posted By: Digex
Combo Points are still not working for me.
File: ChatSounds10-21-08
Originally posted by shawnyve Do...
Posted By: Digex
Originally posted by shawnyve Do you have any intention of making sounds for created channels? I used to have a chatsound mod that did this but curse overode it with yours and no more sounds in those channels ;( I use prat 3.0 for chat but its created channel sounds is broken as well. /sigh. I have the same concern about n...
File: Examiner09-14-07
Character Cache
Posted By: Digex
Is it possible to add an option to cache your own character if it's targeted? I would like to be able to look at the gear my alts are wearing while I am buying on the Auction House. Thanks.