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File: Dailies Quest Tracker04-28-09
blank panel
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sorry for my bad english i have a strange problem with DQT, in my social frame, the chat frame ( where you see all your channel ) is blanK. I try to find the problem and when i put DQT on off the problem is resolved. I try to delete DailiesQuestTracker.lua and DailiesQuestTracker.lua.bak but the problem persist when DQT is...
File: TinyTip09-17-07
tiny and mobhealth ?
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i just want to know if tinytip is compatible with mobhealth 1,2,3 because i just change mobinfo in mobhealth but nothing to do no mob info is displayed thx
File: EasyPriest09-13-07
Posted By: manu5070
Bonjour voila j utilise uniquement EP_AnnounceCast afin de prevenir si je fais un rez combat ou un innerv pour ne pas k il y ai un autre drood ki le fasse. dans les partie "party" et "raid" y a t il moyen de demander un multi annonce a savoir si je suis en party ou raid j aimerais si je fais une innerv ou un rez que le messag...