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File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)12-17-10
For me upadating to latest WIM is h...
Posted By: sztosz
For me upadating to latest WIM is huge FPS drop 200 -> 20. Yes, a 180 fps percent drop :/ But it seems it just blocks it on ~20 fp, because changing settings does not change anything.
File: Reputation Gain Notify11-30-10
Great addon! :) If only you coul...
Posted By: sztosz
Great addon! :) If only you could add not only how many repetition is needed, but how many reputation points are left until next rep level, well... it would be perfect. :) Great job btw!
File: Minimalist (4.x)10-19-10
Great addon, i just wanted to thank...
Posted By: sztosz
Great addon, i just wanted to thank you for developin it :)
File: TourGuide - The Lunar Festival01-25-09
There were one error I found, Elder...
Posted By: sztosz
There were one error I found, Elder Muraco from Camp Taunka'lo. Your addon shows a place in Dragonblight, but should be a place in stormpeaks (it was in v. 0.3). Other than that, the addon is an awesome help, with it's help i managed to get almost all coins in like half of a day (I only left northernd instances). Thank you! :)
File: OPie01-21-09
Never posted before, but my gamepla...
Posted By: sztosz
Never posted before, but my gameplay was entirely based on Opie, so... i love you for such quick fix! :*
File: OPie10-15-08
Error report
Posted By: sztosz
Hi, I love your addon, so I though I might give you an error report. Here it goes. Every time when I try to add a new Ring to Opie it is added under Custom rings, but gives following Error: ID: 55 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\OPie\Meta\RingKeeperConfig.lua line 294: attempt to index field '?' (a nil...
File: FuBar - Top ScoreFu09-19-07
Re: Re: Error on mouse over
Posted By: sztosz
Originally posted by Klaatu After a bit of further trial and error I discovered that I had left some of the character specific TopscoreFu.lua files. After deleting these the problem dissapeared. I have exactly the same problem, could you give some more advise how to handle it? I really don't know which files to delete. I try to...