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File: VitalWatch12-08-07
got it to work! =D
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Originally posted by skyal I'm having the same issue. I wanted to configure things because I really don't want it announcing party chat that I'm low on health, especially when I'm on my healer. I can't seem to get command line options to work, either, but I don't know exactly which ones this addon has, since I couldn't find a l...
File: VitalWatch09-19-07
VitalWatch v2.3
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Hello, I have an issue I'd like to report. I load up VitalWatch v2.3 perfectly fine, using Burning Crusade v2.1.3 and everything seems to load fine, but upon entering the game, I only get a minimap icon that says "VitalWatch Log" and I can't click it or anything, only move it around. There is NO WAY for me to change the options,...