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File: Reagent Restocker10-05-09
Hello, apologies for my reticence....
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Hello, apologies for my reticence. I wasn't following the activity here. You (and anyone else) are very welcome to use any and all of the code from Reagent Restocker. I would be happy to transfer the project to you, as well, but I don't see any method of doing that. Must I contact an administrator?
File: Reagent Restocker07-26-08
Originally posted by Dyn Has this...
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Originally posted by Dyn Has this been abandoned? No, just haven't had the time to work on it lately. I will address any defects, but I'm not aware of any at the moment.
File: Reagent Restocker03-11-08
Re: Global Buy/Sell List?
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Originally posted by Bubbaray It seems that with the latest incarnation, the buy/sell list is global... This is not optimal, as I have MANY characters, who all need to keep stocked on various things. My mage does not need bullets and my warlock doesn't care about Light Feathers... If my perception is wrong, please let me kno...
File: Reagent Restocker02-26-08
Sorry about that - omicron is right...
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Sorry about that - omicron is right; that was a call for debugging purposes. I really need to remember to turn everything off but RR to verify it's working properly before submitting a release. Thanks for your suggestion omicron, I will look into it!
File: Reagent Restocker02-25-08
Re: Re: Re: Bank Issue
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Originally posted by Silaor I noticed that RR has problems with dashes. It fits Faitmaker problems and mine with "Bandage épais en tisse-néant" ( Thick netherweave bandage ?) and "Côtelettes de sabot-fourchu" (Clefthoof ribs ?). You should try to look in that direction :) Ah-ha! You're right - it was the dash that was the prob...
File: Reagent Restocker01-21-08
Re: Bank Issue
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Hi Faitmaker, Were you able to add the ammunition to your shopping list at any point? If not, make sure that you are typing the name correctly. (Incidentally, if you are typing "Mithril-Gyro Shell", I believe you should be typing Mithril Gyro-Shot, according to wowhead.) If you are typing the name correctly, you must have the i...
File: Reagent Restocker01-08-08
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Updated for problems with 2.3.2 and some other items I've been working on. This release will delete your settings (like 0.6 did) - but this should be the last time this happens. I was following some poor practices before re: saving settings, which I believe I've remedied with this update. Mita, I would recommend you update...
File: Reagent Restocker01-06-08
Re: Been getting this error
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Originally posted by Mita : ReagentRestocker-0.7a\Core.lua:1071: Usage: GetContainerItemInfo(index, slot) : in function `PickupInventoryItem' ItemRack\ItemRack.lua:4636: in function `IterateSwapQueue' ItemRack\ItemRack.lua:4538: in function `EquipSet' ItemRack\ItemRack.lua:2703: in function `ItemRack_EquipSet' ItemR...
File: Reagent Restocker12-31-07
Update to 0.7c to resolve Outfitter...
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Update to 0.7c to resolve Outfitter bug.
File: Reagent Restocker12-30-07
Hi guys, Just uploaded a new ver...
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Hi guys, Just uploaded a new version. Should address the bugs cited by those of you who posted -- and thanks for reporting them!
File: Reagent Restocker12-20-07
Version 0.6b
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Hi everyone, Just a quick update on 0.6b. Points of interest: Significant code rewrite means you'll have to re-enter your settings - sorry about that; it also means that there may have been regressions in the code, so please speak up if you spot anything weird Now supports restocking items from bank Should work very well...
File: Reagent Restocker10-19-07
Originally posted by Fin Any chan...
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Originally posted by Fin Any chance of adding support for restocking items from the bank? Hi Fin, I've not yet begun down that path, but that is the major change I'd like to make to the addon. If you have any particular requests in that area, please post them.
File: Reagent Restocker09-26-07
@Xark, I'm not sure how you were...
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@Xark, I'm not sure how you were possibly getting the error(s) you got, but v0.5b should correct them. Let me know if you run into any more problems. As far as Fubar/Titanpanel support goes, I am not quite ready to delve into that yet. Maybe when I have a bit more free time, I'll investigate what kind of undertaking that woul...
File: Reagent Restocker09-20-07
Hi Xark, I made a few adjustment...
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Hi Xark, I made a few adjustments to make the mod more non-US-client friendly (I run on enUS and that's where it was developed), but you may have problems with the German client. However, I'm surprised you got an error adding "Blitzstrahlpulver" to your shopping list, though. Is that exactly how the word is spelled, or are there...