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Originally posted by badMonkey Hey there, quick question: How can I get rid of / move the top & bottom borders of the chat frames and the center area? They seem to be independent of the respective opaque backdrops, but I can't figure out how to move, delete or resize them. Any suggestions? Screenshot:
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Originally posted by Beezleboss Everything is freaking huge :p Please use the UI Scale to config this as it's not scaling properly atm ;) Extremely nice UI. Over and out, Beezle. :banana: He made it like that on purpose, it's not that it's not working correctly. That's just how he likes it.
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Re: Re: Possible Bug with colors
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Originally posted by funkydude I've seen a screenshot with this happening, but I can't understand how. I can't replicate it on my own system, and the code just isn't designed to do that. I have the exact same problem and I believe so would everyone else. I have however managed to fix the problem, thanks to LibAbacus :). It shou...
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Originally posted by Paradoxum what is the addon which makes your pitbull Aura frames so square rather than having rounded edges? Custom textures/lua edits is my guess.
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Originally posted by Lery What is the UI scale you are using? I am using 1680 x 1050 widescreen and everything is very large. I am adjusting now, but just curious. By default, use UI Scale is off. Same here, took me along time to resize everything still not -perfect- but good enough. I just can't get used to playing with men...
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Re: stealth
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Originally posted by scaredofspiders Yes, and constantly. If a button is unused on your stealthbar, bar1's corresponding button will be unusable & without a tooltip for 1-2 minutes, if you use a skill (aka garrote/ambush/etc) that removes you from stealth. :( This can be rectified by stealthing again & deactivating stealth b...