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File: Archy bugfix - DISCONTINUED02-20-11
Since I last posted, I changed it t...
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Since I last posted, I changed it to use Dwarf and Troll keystones, and I haven't had the early solved problem since. So it may have something to do with using both the option to announce when you can solve with keystones, and the option to actually use keystones. The thing is that, for the races I don't use keystones automatical...
File: Archy bugfix - DISCONTINUED02-19-11
Originally posted by Snowhawk In...
Posted By: Palladia
Originally posted by Snowhawk In the example you give, Bodacious Door Knocker is a 35 fragment project that has 1 slot for a Dwarf Rune Stone (which counts as 12 fragments). The addon is just reporting that you can solve the project with a runestone when you reach that 23 fragment point (as 23+12 = 35). Seems to be working as int...
File: Archy bugfix - DISCONTINUED02-18-11
I just installed the latest bugfix...
Posted By: Palladia
I just installed the latest bugfix and I haven't experienced any errors yet, but I am seeing a problem I was having before with some artifacts being reported solved early. For more information, see my ticket at CurseForge. Thanks very much for working on this while the original author is dealing with floods.
File: Tabard-O-Matic11-23-10
Re: Error Message
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Originally posted by Mook Aye, same here. I'm getting the same error, but it just started today with the latest patch.
File: TourGuide10-17-10
Argent Tournament
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Is there an AT guide?
File: Tabard-O-Matic08-08-09
Originally posted by Fritos I'll...
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Originally posted by Fritos I'll look into it, thanks. ** EDIT ** Updated version posted. It works now! Thanks!
File: Tabard-O-Matic08-05-09
Not working for me in 3.2. I'm usin...
Posted By: Palladia
Not working for me in 3.2. I'm using ArkInventory and I do have it set to load outdated addons. It's definitely loaded, but all my tabards are white.
File: SocialState06-14-09
Sort Order?
Posted By: Palladia
I'd like to see the list sorted alphabetically. Even better would be a way to click a column heading to sort on that column.
File: AutoAspect05-18-09
Aspect of the Dragonhawk
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I got Dragonhawk at 74. Why do I have to wait until 75 for AutoAspect to use it? Edit: My hunter is now 75 and I still get Hawk instead of Dragonhawk. Is there a setting I need to change?
File: Serious Help In Timing04-25-09
I had to disable SH1T today after h...
Posted By: Palladia
I had to disable SH1T today after having installed the newest version. I kept getting "20" and "END" written to the chat frame over and over, preventing anything else from appearing. I narrowed it down to SH1T being the source of the problem. Maybe this will help diagnose what was causing it not to work. In the meantime, since it...
File: Serious Help In Timing04-23-09
Originally posted by Tharin2002 T...
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Originally posted by Tharin2002 That's definitely not working right. >.< So far, I haven't heard of anyone else having this issue so it's either something very uncommon or something specific to your setup. What localization are you? Are you on a Mac? I'm using US English and I'm on a PC. I use a lot of addons but I don't kn...
File: Serious Help In Timing04-19-09
Originally posted by Fonjask It's...
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Originally posted by Fonjask It's still fully functional on my comp though, try exiting wow, deleting savedvariables of SH1T, deleting folder of SH1T, reinstalling SH1T, opening wow, typing /run ReloadUI() . I did all that and installed the latest version and still have the same problem. Here's a screenshot: http://www.gurma...
File: Serious Help In Timing04-15-09
I just downloaded this and I don't...
Posted By: Palladia
I just downloaded this and I don't think it's working right. All it ever shows me is Avenging Wrath, regardless of whether it's in cool-down or not. It never shows any other abilities.
File: Tabard-O-Matic03-09-09
Error (problem with AtlasLoot)
Posted By: Palladia
Got this error message while using AtlasLoot: : Tabard-o-matic-2.0.1\Tabard-o-matic.lua:488: attempt to index global 'AL' (a nil value) (tail call): ?: : in function `AtlasLoot_ShowItemsFrame' AtlasLoot-AtlasLoot Enhanced v5.03.03\DefaultFrame\AtlaslootDefaultFrame.lua:40: in function `func' Dewdrop-2.0-90320 (Table...
File: Dailies Quest Tracker03-08-09
Problem with DQT and GoGoPet.
Posted By: Palladia
After I loaded DQT the other day, I started getting this message from GoGoPet (which I've already reported at on the GoGoPet page at Curse.com): : GoGoPet-0003000100\GoGoPet.lua:72: bad argument #1 to 'random' (interval is empty) GoGoPet-0003000100\GoGoPet.lua:72: in function `GoGoPet_ChoosePet' GoGoPet-0003000100\GoGoPet.lua:56...
File: ButtonBin02-20-09
That worked! Thanks very much.
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That worked! Thanks very much.
File: ButtonBin02-20-09
Those work, thanks (though Location...
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Those work, thanks (though Location text is a bit more verbose than I need). Is there any way to control the order of buttons. I can't drag them and I can't find an ordered list for each bin.
File: ButtonBin02-19-09
I'm trying this because FuBar isn't...
Posted By: Palladia
I'm trying this because FuBar isn't working properly for me. It looks nice, but I miss being able to show the location on the left and the clock on the right. Apparently, even though I have Fubar2Broker, those modules aren't showing up. Is there somewhere I can find modules for location and clock that will work with ButtonBar?