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File: Hunter's Helper 2.4 beta02-23-08
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I am using on a regular 2.3 server. I absolutely LOVE the GUI for hh; can't wait to see the options pane in 2.4 Again, your addons are Top Notch.!! Thanks!
File: Gem Viewer02-21-08
Originally posted by sna I checke...
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Originally posted by sna I checked it with 4.x and there was a Tab. I'm not sure if sgv works with 5.x. Can you see tab iwhen you turn auctioneer off? I disabled Auctioneer as well as the other related addons (bottomscanner, echantrix, etc.) and no tab is seen. I also logged on with an alt character with no addons except th...
File: Gem Viewer02-19-08
Is this supposed to work when Aucti...
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Is this supposed to work when Auctioneer is installed as well? I have version 5.0.PRE.2823 installed; and I get no tab in the AH. Thanks!
File: Butsu12-10-07
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Looks nice! Any ability to change the scale?
File: AlphaMap12-07-07
get rid of bar
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Hello: How do you get rid of the bar at the top of the screen? It has the drop down boxes for regions and then some buttons which bring up the options and map. Great mod, btw. I had used AM forever and this was one of the first things I looked for when I decided to jump back into WOW again. Lots of additions over the last year....