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File: Badapples12-06-08
i get that when im in a raid, openi...
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i get that when im in a raid, opening the raid tab: : ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED:AddOn 'Badapples' tried to call the protected function 'RaidFrame:Show()'. : in function `Show' Interface\FrameXML\FriendsFrame.lua:32: in function `FriendsFrame_ShowSubFrame': Interface\FrameXML\FriendsFrame.lua:193: in function
File: RatingBuster12-02-07
Originally posted by Dissy Is the...
Posted By: Dessa
Originally posted by Dissy Is there a way to disable the printout in the chat box each time I cursor over an item. It seems to be telling me the same information that my tooltip does. I didn't have that before with the previous version and would like to turn it off. you probably use some updater like wowaceupdater to keep you...