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File: ArkInventory12-07-07
Originally posted by RaeVanMorlock...
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Originally posted by RaeVanMorlock It already does support that.. re-check the menus. The first screen shot even shows a few items with green, blue, and purple borders. yes borders are coloured (Items->Rarity coloured border), but could u add an option to set different border width to make them more visible
File: ArkInventory12-03-07
could you add support for quality c...
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could you add support for quality coloring of the item border (like in oGlow addon) ?
File: oGlow11-30-07
doesn`t work with ArkInventory bags...
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doesn`t work with ArkInventory bags addon
File: DejaVu11-20-07
could u add another filter criteria...
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could u add another filter criteria - who`s online and an ability to add short comments to each player
File: Grid11-20-07
more center icons
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would be nice to have either 1,2 or 4 icons available to show
File: Fragile311-20-07
Further improvement
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It would be great if sound alerts were more informative. Oftentimes the healer, for example, watches closely member`s HP, renew status etc. and doesn`t have time to read onscreen messages quickly. I suggest the following - play different sound sample for each class aggroed - "Aggro on Priest", "Aggro on Warrior" and finaly "Agg...