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File: FuBar - HonorFu11-06-08
Move to Titan
Posted By: Elodrai
A lot of Fubar addons are not going to be updated. Most have gone to Curse. However, Titan Panel and its associated plug ins are regularly updated and ready for Wrath. I have replaced HonorFu with CargoHonor http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=10482 Just as good and updated. Move to Titan and don't look back You...
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows10-31-08
Posted By: Elodrai
I am getting a lot of "Unspecified I/O error" while trying to updates. The UI manager finds the new version but gives me this for a couple of addons.
File: FuBar 3.6.510-31-08
Re: Author not updating here anymore
Posted By: Elodrai
Originally posted by Orion Assante It appears that ckknight is no longer updating his FuBar mods (or any others for that matter) on this site. His last FuBar updates here on WoWInterface were all on 3/25 but all of those mods have more recent updates on Curse. Shame because I personally don't like using the Curse site and especiall...
File: FuBar - HonorFu10-31-08
Posted By: Elodrai
Is this going to get updated or is this the time to Switch to Titan?