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File: CooldownToGo06-12-08
Re: Re: Thanks
Posted By: ofassley
Sure, I definitely know how that is. :) Even more than any new additions, I'd just be very grateful if the addon could at simply get minimally maintained occasionally to just keep the current functionality intact. I've come to depend on it! I'd be glad to test and report back w/ errors, whatever you need, etc.
File: CooldownToGo06-02-08
Posted By: ofassley
Awesome addon -- it's fantastic. :D Could you please consider adding an option to filter/ignore specific cooldowns? I use a macro to activate a cooldown ability whenever it's up, and CDTG spams that ability. (This might be a common issue for a few classes.)
File: ErrorMonster12-26-07
I love the option to redirect to SC...
Posted By: ofassley
I love the option to redirect to SCT/Parrot. The ability to throttle errors is also fantastic. ErrorMonster would be truly awesome as an error spam filter AND an error display tool, fi it could completely suppress one set of errors, and redirect another another set of errors! For instance, I'd like to output certain errors that...