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File: shPerformance (mem/fps/ms)05-01-12
How to access options?
Posted By: blackrat
How to access options of this addon? Chocolate Bar only shows me to actiavate, show icon and so. I can only see the mem of a few add-ons at the beginning of my alphabeth, and THEY ARE NOT SORTED BY THE MOST MEM USING ADD-Ons. To make it easer, you should change your default settings. FOUND: edit shPerformance.lua
File: Talent Planner03-28-08
The left down label (where the plan...
Posted By: blackrat
The left down label (where the planned no. of points of a telent have been) is empty. The former planned talents cannot seen any more. When left clicking or right clicking nothing happens.
File: Talent Planner03-27-08
Broken for German client
Posted By: blackrat
Even this new version 2.10 it is broken with the 2.4 patch. I deleted the WTF file too, but it's unfortunately not working. German client
File: Distance02-21-07
German Localization
Posted By: blackrat
In German client it's completely not workin: - Always showing 99 - No colours, even in Options frame, the slider don't change the colours