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File: MoveAnything MoP10-06-12
Hiya there. I moved minimap to lov...
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Hiya there. I moved minimap to lover right corner of the screen using Sexymap and now i would like to move dungeon finder window(the one that pop up when you mouse over green sauron eye on minimap) to the middle of the screen. I did it in pre-panda version but now i cant find which frame is that. Any idea what to do? Thx in advance.
File: Sunn - Viewport Art06-27-10
Originally posted by Sunn I guess...
Posted By: malletkai
Originally posted by Sunn I guess you're using Photoshop to prepare the artwork. PS doesn't automatically save the transparency in the TGA format, you have to manually set up the alpha channel. Personally, I would save the images as PNG to preserve the transparency and then use ImageMagick to convert it to TGA. Many of the...
File: Sunn - Viewport Art06-20-10
Hi,i have a little problem here.My...
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Hi,i have a little problem here.My textures that are supposed to be transparent just shows solid black color.But only when "resize viewport" is checked.i know that its some stupid mistake on my part,but i just cant figure it our and it drives me insane. It would be great if someone could point out what am i doing wrong.Thx in advance.