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File: Sage UnitFrames08-08-09
Posted By: Corgann
I want to thank you for updating Sage. Been using for a long time.
File: Lunar Unit Frames (Arena Edition)07-11-09
2 things that happened
Posted By: Corgann
I set up Lunar using a custom layout and when I set the cast bar size to zero to turn it off I received an error. I will get an error report soon. Also I asked a guildie to invite me to party so I could check party frames and the invitation accept decline box never showed up. I heard the sound it makes but nothing on screen. Sorr...
File: Outfitter03-21-09
Just wanted to let you know...
Posted By: Corgann
I've used outfitter from the day you released it. Hope you see this...cause that was my must have above all addons. Most ppl don't realize the value of something that can change your whole gear set with a click. I'll miss it. I know the new mananger in 3.1 will do part of its job...but doubtful it can compare as a whole. Than...
File: Action Bar Saver10-22-08
Cannot seem to save my bars for lock with Meta
Posted By: Corgann
I have tried and tried but I cannot save a profile for my warlock Meta spec. I type slash abs save (name) but when you hit enter nothing happens. It doesn't clear the command line just sits there saying /abs save (name). Thanks I took out the addon and erased wtf settings put it back in and now it works.
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames10-18-08
Getting error while in parties...
Posted By: Corgann
Lets say I join a group but I am in Outland and they are in oldworld. Everything is fine so far but once I get close to the party(as in standing next to them) I receive a party error frame message. Next time it happens I'll post the exact wording. Great addon!!!!!!!!!
File: Dominos10-18-08
Locking action buttons
Posted By: Corgann
I haven't figured out how to lock the spells in the action buttons. Don't want to accidentally pull one out while in combat. If it's there I apologize for not looking hard enough. Great addon though as I have always used bongos in one form or another. This is my fav..easy to set up and works great.