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File: LDB_AnkhTimer01-26-10
Incorrect count of ahnks
Posted By: Tsark
Jut wanted to let you know it's displaying my Ankh count permanently at 0. I'm using it with ChocolateBar as an LBD, and it used to work fine until the update. It's not a huge thing (I can check the Ankh stack once in a while and makes sure I have 10) but just something to look at in the future.
File: ItemRack09-28-07
Lightning Capacitor
Posted By: Tsark
Thanks a lot for the most recent update, hope this means we can look forward to more of those :) If that's the case, is it possible for you to fix an issue with the Lightning Capacitor? Everytime the Capacitor starts getting the first charge, ItemRack will switch to a mage's evocation set - this happens (I think) because Blizz used...