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Re: Re: About Key Bind to Mouse Wheel in Clique
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Originally posted by Cladhaire No, that's not something that can be done in the general way that Clique operates. Those are key bindings, not mouse clicks. Oh, I see...Thanks for your reply.
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About Key Bind to Mouse Wheel in Clique
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Hi, Cladhaire. May I ask a question about keybind? When I use Clique, I notice the keybind of Clique only include 5 key of mouse, like ALT+Left, SHIFT+Right click; not support the wheel of mouse. But other addons, include Blizzard UI, it can support bind spell/action to wheel actions, like: SHIFT+MOUSEWHEELUP, CTRL+MOUSEWHEELDOWN....
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Re: Frames & Spells
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Originally posted by Star1814 Is there any possibility to be able to decide specific frames for specific spells? It's a feature I've realised I'm missing. For example, I've started using Right click to cast Rejuvenation on Grid and my focus target. However, I've had to untick player and target in the frames list or else I wouldn...
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Originally posted by Tuller That...
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Originally posted by Tuller That is in fact the biggest hurdle. I'm actually less inclined to implement this functionality due to that issue, and because blizzard has implemented guild bank viewing on the armory. Ah...Have to say this is a bad news to me. Because I am a Chinese WoW player, and Armory's data not includes Ch...
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Originally posted by Frigidman I'...
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Originally posted by Frigidman I'm an idiot. Bagnon is great. 'nuff said. Speaking of guild banks... but don't every character see whats in the guild bank when they go to the bank? Why would you need to have bagnon show this information, when all toons in the same guild can see whats in the bank already? I guess I'm not un...