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File: Torta03-23-09
Originally posted by SkunkWerks W...
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Originally posted by SkunkWerks Woohoo! LDB support! Been waiting for that for a while. EDIT: Some more in the options panel department for configuring Torta might be nice. One thing I can think of right offhandedly is disabling the animated window effects. They're very nice looking but I can think of instances where that...
File: Torta12-25-08
Originally posted by Oakayam Can...
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Originally posted by Oakayam Can you put item/quest links into torta? I can't figure out how to paste in a link. It's being worked on and will be in the next version. Hopefully it'll be out before the year ends. Oh, and Merry Christmas everyone! Edit: Well, it didn't manage to get out before the year ended. I'm plannin...
File: Torta12-17-08
Time-triggered alerts (whether by d...
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Time-triggered alerts (whether by date or time since login or time since your PC booted up or whatever kind of time trigger I can think of :) ) is something I myself want. It's holiday season now, so I can finally get around to getting to the tricky bits of Torta. As for integration into Windows, it cannot be done as the addon env...
File: Torta12-03-08
A keybind option to open the window...
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A keybind option to open the window and LDB support will come soon. Update: LDB's done, but a few subtle bugs have been discovered. It needs to get fixed before I upload as these bugs can cause data loss. Which isn't nice, really. The bug involves creating a new task above a task that you are currently editing. To see this b...
File: Torta12-02-08
Re: Description
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Originally posted by arqideus One thing I did not notice when viewing the addon page was the description of what the addon did. I'm not one to randomly download an addon to see what it does and then decide, but I like to see what an addon actually does BEFORE I download it. I usually just skip over them. (I came here from your l...
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Originally posted by H0PE Hey,...
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Originally posted by H0PE Hey, I used to be a checklister, with heaps of alts I swap items and level all the professions so its very important addon for my playtime. Currently I'm waiting for this addon since checlist2 just doesn't work, and kills a lot of other addons as well. Is torta in usable form now, or not yet? Than...
File: Torta11-19-08
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I used "Ace" when I meant "LibStub" - post has now been corrected.
File: Torta11-17-08
Torta will support FuBar, although...
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Torta will support FuBar, although not in the same way as Checklist did. Torta is Ace-based, and uses LibStub. FuBar and LibFubarPlugin-3.0 (the latest versions) are Rock-based. The plan is to use LibDataBroker, which is LibStub-based. FuBar goodness could then be achieved though Broker2FuBar. That's the plan at the moment. May...
File: Torta11-10-08
In other news, the List Renaming fu...
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In other news, the List Renaming function no worky: Interface\AddOns\Torta\UIManager.lua:568: attempt to index a nil value And it'd be nice if this had some FuBar support. Now fixed with 0.1.38. Thanks for the bug report! By the way, FuBar support is something I'm definitely aiming for.
File: Torta11-09-08
Originally posted by SkunkWerks T...
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Originally posted by SkunkWerks To confuse the heck out of someone searching for a working copy of Checklist? I found the name "Checklist" to be somewhat boring after a while. Plus, with the addition of Checklist Notes in Checklist2, the name was descriptive of only a part of the addon. Next, no one has problems with "PitBull"...
File: Checklist210-18-08
The new Checklist
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During the concept stage of the new Checklist, I thought of things that would be important factors in development. One of the things I wanted the next CL to be was to be durable. Tough. No user-made input would make it go into an unintended state. Tough, like a tortoise's shell. Ehhh... I'll save the rest of the drama for the a...
File: TotemBox10-18-08
Suggestion: toggle command
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Hi! A guildie of mine recently told me about this addon. He asked me to make a macro that'll toggle the TotemBox window, i.e. show it when it's hidden/hide it when it's shown. Although such a macro is simple and can be made in less than thirty seconds, it would be nice if there was a /tbox toggle command or something similar.
File: Checklist210-10-08
Ah crap.
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I accidentally deleted a whole day's work on Checklist 3.0 while using AddOn Studio. The "Import..." option was quirky. So much for that, back to Notepad++ I go... Thankfully, all that was lost was effects code. Most of that day was spent fine-tuning timing for fadeouts and UI widget sizes. Still... /cry EDIT: Okay, everythi...
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Originally posted by pfg my chang...
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Originally posted by pfg my changes include alpha sorting both lists. its then easy to force a list order with a prefix on the name. any interest ? Funny, I just remembered that I didn't do that as I was thinking of implementing re-orderable lists during CL2 development. Then RL grabbed my attention and I forgot all about that....
File: Checklist209-28-08
New version going up with WotLK release
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I don't have much time to post right now >.< but here's what it'll be like: Reorderable list/notes menu (drag and drop) More easily reorderable tasks (drag and drop) Re-design everything to be as maintainable as possible Window resizability A new name! GUI built off code from a recently cancelled project of mine for faster...
File: Checklist207-19-08
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Should I receive a beta invite to prepare for WotLK, Checklist will get a bit of a makeover. Why? It's gotten too large for a solo developer like me to maintain in my (sometimes almost nonexistant) spare time. Anyway, there are occasionally minor updates commited to the Ace SVN every now and then. As always, major updates are post...
File: Checklist205-02-08
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With the Burning Crusade coming to a close and Wrath of the Lich King slowly getting closer, here's a roadmap of what I'm doing in general. Level up mage alt to 70 (unrelated, but meh) Work on, finish, test and polish LagCast 2.0, LagCast Enhanced, Barrier, or whatever it ends up getting called. Add syntax highlighting to Note...
File: Checklist204-20-08
Final Checklist Notes UI Layout
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http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n24/Quezthecow/WoWScrnShot_042008_143259.jpg It's better than Notepad :D Other things that may* make it into Checklist 2.1: Allow reordering of the way list titles are displayed Streamlined list sharing (backwards-incompatible, sorry :() An actual task tracker (think Blizzard's quest tr...
File: Checklist204-18-08
Announcement number two
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Originally posted by chrispix I was thinking of building something just like this. Thankfully I found yours first. Nice work! <3 -------------------------------------- Now, I have an announcement to make. I've discovered that Checklist can be downloaded using WoWMatrix, an automated addon updater program. I discour...
File: Checklist204-15-08
Notes module preview
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I'm gonna guess that at least one person has come to the Blizzard UI forums, to WoWInterface, or all those other addon sites and wondered: "What is creating an addon like? How messy is it when it's unfinished?" I'm guessing you (yes, YOU, reading this white text on a black background) are, too. No? Well... Just pretend, okay?! :P...
File: HighRoller04-01-08
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This thing is absolutely extremely amazing! /favorite
File: Checklist203-29-08
Re: [Bug] w/shift clicking icon
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Originally posted by Magictrix Hey, I see you got the shift click to check the next item off the list, It works, except when you have the tool tip detached, it doesn't update it. Just updated on the SVN and will appear on files.wowace.com within 20 minutes. Will be posted here when big enough changes are made.
File: Checklist203-13-08
Re: Re: Re: I'm back.
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Minor note: Error in my last post - it's FuBarPlugin-2.0 and not FuBarPlugin-1.0. The latter is absolutely ancient. Fixed now. How about the Shiftclick / altclick / something click on the main button to check off the next unchecked item? for when following the list in order? It's very doable. I'm working on it right now :)...
File: Checklist203-12-08
Re: I'm back.
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Originally posted by Magictrix Quezacolt, nice job with this addon! 2.0 already! I for the most part got pulled away from wow due to work shortly after you decided to pick this up. (and i'm hoping that it doesn't happen again soon) Which brings me to a question. Why didn't I have this addon to remind me to checkup on this addon af...
File: Checklist202-29-08
Re: Re: Re: Screenies
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Firefox crashed while I was writing this. Had to rewrite that long post :( ^^ Could you give me some links or give me some personal advice, which tell me how to get started? For the basics of programming, see this tutorial. It tells you everything you need to know about the basics of programming, including conditionals, branchi...