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File: MyDurability11-07-14
Re: Re: Opting out of using guild funds for repairs
Posted By: RosyBijou
Please let me know ... At first, the window didn't pop up at all--this is why I was confused. After reading your response, it occurred to me that my data broker display might be affecting it's behavior... Indeed it was! Might be worth noting that if folks are having trouble with configuring preferences, to have them check t...
File: MyDurability11-05-14
Opting out of using guild funds for repairs
Posted By: RosyBijou
Have really enjoyed your add-on. At the last update, I found that guild funds for repairs were automatically used for repairs. I can't seem to figure out how to opt out of this. I want to use my own funds for auto-repairs. Would you kindly post instructions on opting out of this? I definitely like the auto repair... I just...
File: AlreadyKnown *4.0.6 Fix*12-02-11
Hello, is there an chance you could...
Posted By: RosyBijou
Hello, is there an chance you could also make the updates needed to bring this up to 4.1? Thanks. I'd like to second this!! I was thrilled that you picked this up. It'd be terrific is you could make it current again!
File: WintergraspLDB03-30-10
Re: Re: Love this!
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Originally posted by cif I just posted an updated version that does this. Got a chance to check this out before the shutdown... very nice! I'm tickled that you were able to do this... and so quickly!! Thanks :)
File: WintergraspLDB03-29-10
Love this!
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First: What a terrific little addon! Thank you for creating it! I have my top LDB bar set to mouse-over and this is easily the first piece of info that I check out when I activate that top LDB bar. Second: I was wondering if it would be doable to add one enhancement: basically to have a way to have the icon reflect if WG is ho...
File: SDDuelDecline02-26-10
Posted By: RosyBijou
This is terrific! (Now I'm gonna have to have my little person duel me just to test it out...) Thanks so much for your update!
File: SDDuelDecline02-23-10
really nice idea
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I really like this idea. Thank you for creating it. I am anxious to see how it works... One part that I really like... That you made the separate Localization LUA file. Because it is so clearly laid out, I was able to adjust the text so that the automated responses suit my personality better. (I think this is a feature that you...
File: BTEX -- Ice Dragon customized02-12-10
Originally posted by XenaCharon N...
Posted By: RosyBijou
Originally posted by XenaCharon Nice skin i am using now but i cant change some addons this is my ui http://img504.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot020510185145.jpg/ and i pointed addons which i want change and do same on this picture http://img694.imageshack.us/i/pvw33284.jpg/ can you help me? Please accept my apologies for taki...
File: PlayerScore / GearScore02-02-10
Posted By: RosyBijou
I love your addon and recent changes. Two requests... 1. I miss having the simple gear score pane in Recount. As a dual spec (holy/disc) healer, I used that pane at the beginning of instances to help in deciding which spec may be better suited to healing random groups/raids. Is that a setting that I am missing, to have that s...
File: HealBot Continued01-26-10
Strife, You totally rock! Thanks f...
Posted By: RosyBijou
Strife, You totally rock! Thanks for the updates! And Toran, Healbot & Clique do play nice with each other. I've never had a problem running both.
File: HealBot Continued01-22-10
sorting all of bars alphabetically (mine included)
Posted By: RosyBijou
I'm sure this is somewhere--but I can't find it... (and I'm pretty sure it can be done because I think I used to have it set up like this...) I want to have my frames sorted alphabetically and can't seem to figure out how to do it. As it stands, I've got it so that everyone's bars lay out alphabetically except for me--my name pla...
File: HealBot Continued01-13-10
Reloading UI...
Posted By: RosyBijou
Thank you, AnrDaemon and Eqsanctum... Those are all things that I didn't know... I have a ton of AddOns running--in fact, my entire interface is customized with different AddOns! I wonder if one/some of those adds are what's keeping the healbot spec spells from sticking in the first place? (Now curious why the Reload UI sticks...
File: HealBot Continued01-12-10
Re: Re: dual spec
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon Instead of ReloadUI (which doing a bad stuff in certain areas), you can just logout and log back in. AnrDaemon: Just for heck of it, I changed some spells and tried the log out-log in (without doing the reload UI step) and my changes did not stick when switching specs. Then I did it again, u...
File: HealBot Continued01-10-10
dual spec
Posted By: RosyBijou
I too once had issues with my healing settings not "sticking" when switching specs - (I have holy & disc specs on my priest). Not sure which step actually resolved the issue, since I did them all at once, but after doing this, my spec switching has worked flawlessly... 1. I deleted my healbot wtf settings on my healing toon....
File: BTEX -- Ice Dragon customized12-28-09
Sure! I believe the one you are in...
Posted By: RosyBijou
Sure! I believe the one you are interested in is TidyThreat, but here’s a list of what you see in the screenshots… Visible Addons: Dominos : bar customization Recount : data mgmt Healbot continued : click-casting tool Decursive : de-cursing tool (check on WowAce or Curse for most current version tho) Grid : unit frame custom...
File: HealBot Continued11-18-09
Re: Re: Saving unique spells for each spec
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Originally posted by AnrDaemon Change spec. Setup spells. Logoff. Logon. Change spec. Setup spells. Logoff. Logon. Thanks-- will give this a try!
File: HealBot Continued11-14-09
Saving unique spells for each spec
Posted By: RosyBijou
Totally love this add! Having a little difficulty with one feature though and was hoping someone might be able to help me. Recently switched from shadow/holy to discipline/holy dual spec, so I'd have options with different healing situations. When I play disc, I want to use spells that are unavailable in holy so this is the firs...
File: EveryQuest11-04-09
I've gotta admit, dude, that I'm ri...
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I've gotta admit, dude, that I'm right with Azmak on this one... You're way out of line in how you responded to him--rude, condescending, not at all in proportion to the tone of his remarks. Sure, it bites when you put your efforts into something that continues to be buggy-- It's frustrating as hell but it doesn't give you the...
File: BTEX -- Ice Dragon modules10-27-09
Re: Very nice!
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Originally posted by viglundr The skin is great and even better is being able to adjust it to ones needs with the options you included, thank you for your efforts :) aww... thanks! :)
File: VolumeBar10-21-09
great idea!
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I agree with Ferous! Really terrific idea! I've favorited it so I can find it when I'm at my WoW computer... can't wait to try it!
File: Remember Your Bindings10-21-09
Originally posted by shkm Seeing...
Posted By: RosyBijou
Originally posted by shkm Seeing as you're getting quite a collection of these things, you may wish to make one for the Nostromo Speedpad and/or similar products. A surprising amount of players use something like this. Just an idea. Sure, I'd consider doing something like this, since my photoshop files are all in layers, it'd b...
File: BTEX -- Ice Dragon customized10-20-09
Originally posted by BSA101 what...
Posted By: RosyBijou
Originally posted by BSA101 what bar addon u use? i cant fit in with bartender. and also with fixing scales... I use Dominos for my button configuration. I've never used Bartender but have never had an issue with Dominos and love that it sticks to the Blizzard standard action code, (which I think is a big reason why it's...
File: HealBot Continued10-19-09
Re: Test Mode
Posted By: RosyBijou
Originally posted by RosyBijou Is there a possibility of having a test mode, (like the dummy bars found in Omen), so that I can tweak the bar settings outside of a raid situation? You totally rock! Thanks for adding this feature! :banana: It makes a HUGE difference!
File: WoW Crap Cleaner10-19-09
pattern to freezing...
Posted By: RosyBijou
I love this AddOn despite the issues surrounding the freezing... I've noticed certain circumstances when it always freezes... and over time, that as long as I avoid those circumstances, it works well and consistently for me. We play WoW as a family and I maintain all of the computers in our home, so I have used this AddOn on two des...
File: Gatherer10-11-09
Re: Problems with Install
Posted By: RosyBijou
Originally posted by Reyom Well, I followed the instructions on getting the thing to work, and yet, no luck. Still a noob with the whole putting in addons thing, So I'm not entirely sure I did it right. I extracted the file to this location C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\Gatherer And the files are all con...